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ART – Cliodhna Lyons’ Macha

Macha by Cliodhna Lyons

Some mythological art: Cliodhna Lyons’s rendition of the goddess Armagh (Ard Macha) and Navan Fort (Emain Macha) take their names from.  

WEBCOMIC – new Crap Man

Crap Man 21

Yes, Gar Shanley’s Crap Man is back! This time everybody’s favourite rubbish superhero takes on Ramadanman, in the usual badly drawn, badly spelled Crap Man style – the way you demanded it! Or begged it to stop, whatever.

NEWS: Alan Nolan Reveals August 15th For O’Brien Press OGN


On a facebook post today Alan Nolan has revealed that the debut of his series of original graphic novels from O’Brien Press will drop on Monday August 15th. Titled Death By Chocolate it marks a return to the graphic novel for O’Brien Press as they look to captialise on the popularity of Gerry Hunt’s Blood […]

NEWS: Will Sliney Announcements


Will Sliney is one busy guy these days. Amid a slew of announcements he made yesterday on Twitter were two that caught the eye. Firstly, Oscar nominated director Tomm Moore will provide a pin up to the upcoming creator owned project that Sliney is working on and secondly, Cork man Sliney has landed himself a […]

PREVIEW: Declan Shalvey’s Thunderbolts #161


This wednesday sees the release from Marvel Comics of Thunderbolts #161, a Fear Itself tie in issue featuring art by Declan Shalvey. Check below for a preview of the book. Book Description: FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Juggernaut has brought destruction to the American Midwest. His team- the alpha squad of the Thunderbolts – have caught the […]

ART: Robert Elrod Cover To Nestor #2


Mike Lynch has shared via his The Abandonded Blog the completed cover art by Robert Elrod for the second issue of Nestor. With a plot by Martin Greene and written by Mike Lynch the issue will be drawn by Anthony O’Neill, Nestor is a horror book that will see its first issue launch later this […]

REVIEW – two from Moccu Press

Curse of Cromwell: The Siege and War of the Two Kings

In the wake of Gerry Hunt’s Blood Upon the Rose, a graphic retelling the 1916 Rising published by the O’Brien Press in 2009, historian Dermot Poyntz got in on the Irish historical graphic novel act last year, with Curse of Cromwell: The Siege, about Oliver Cromwell’s Siege of Clonmel in 1650, from his own publishing […]

NEWS – David McClelland’s minicomic Function

Function by David McClelland

From Scamp, Belfast-based illustrator David McClelland has made a minicomic called Function, which he thinks has helped him “get a grasp of how to appreciate who I am as an artist and which direction I should follow based upon who I am rather than what other people say I should be.”

PJ Holden’s Terminator Robocop Kill Human #1 (of 4) is Out!


                          Rob Williams (Ghost Rider) and P.J. Holden (Judge Dredd) present this story described by Williams as “two much loved Hollywood war machines in the ultimate mash-up of action sequences.” When Alex Murphy is revived after enforced hibernation, will he defend humanity against […]

INTERVIEW: Brendan McCarthy


I was recently granted an interview with the British legendary artist Brendan McCarty. Though British born he is from Irish stock and lives the majority of the time in west Clare. In the interview I did a broad retrospective on Brendan’s career in comics and also TV and film covering his works at DC, Vertigo, Marvel and […]

WEBCOMIC – new Muddled

Muddled episode 351

Muddled part 351, and Michael goes to the doctor…    

ICN now with CHAT!


You heard it! On the bottom right of your screen you should now see a chat App. It’s easy to use, if you sign into your ICN login your name will appear, you can also sign in with twitter or facebook. If you don’t sign in at all you will be given a random name. […]

ART – Cathal Duggan shares his process

Silo 6 by Cathal Duggan

Cathal Duggan shows us how he makes art…    

WEBCOMIC – The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 131

The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 131

Despite what I posted last night, The Cattle Raid of Cooley updates within deadline. Last night it seemed I’d completely lost my ability to draw, so I gave up for this week and hoped I’d get it back in time for next Wednesday. But I needn’t have worried. It all came together this afternoon.  

ART: Comics from Kings of Concrete

feature chimp

KINGS OF CONCRETE COMIC WALL Just a sample of some of the comics produced over the weekend.  Ian Pettitts chimp in space featured a large portion of the wall (see below) and was a fantastically crafted graphic piece.  It’s taken from a story he is currently working on with Peter Loftus.  Ben Hennessys character design […]

North West Regional College Graphic Course

Course Details

ART – Cú Chulainn from Our Boys

The Death of Cú Chulainn by Walter C Mills

In place of an instalment of The Cattle Raid of Cooley this week (because my hands wouldn’t do what they were told), some alternative versions of the main character, Cú Chulainn, in illustrations from the Irish story paper Our Boys. The above is by Walter C. Mills and was published in 1921.  

WEBCOMIC – Faraday the Blob guest strip


This week, Alan Ryan’s Faraday the Blob is guest-drawn by Brad Errkila of Suitcase Nuke…  

ICN EXCLUSIVE: Nestor Page By Anthony O’Neill


In an ICN exclusive we have been given first look at an interior page of issue two of upcoming comic Nestor written by the Eagle Award nominated writer Mike Lynch and Martin Green and drawn by Anthony O’Neill. With the first issue due later this year from artist Mike Ball and Anthony’s issue due after, the […]

ART: Zombie Walk reference photos

Dublin Zombie Walk 2011 - pic by Aido Roche

Aido Roche kindly donated these stunning pics taken on the Zombie walk for Saturday 23rd July 2011.  Brilliant event, tons turned up and town was simply buzzing with cool stuff happening everywhere.         ENJOY! :)

NEWS: Galway Signing For Curley and Keegan


UPDATE: The date below is wrong as it has been changed to September [date to be confirmed] to allow for the return of the student population. Barry is doing a signing in the Dublin shop on Sat August 20th. Following on from the news that Barry Keegan will be in Sub City Dublin to do […]

ART: John Cullen On Cartoon Violence


Via his jBlog John Cullen shares his take on cartoon violence.

NEWS: See What’s Been Trending On ICN This Week


Here is a list of the ten most clicked on posts at ICN this past week: 1. ART: Are You An Artist Looking For Work? 2. NEWS: Tommie Kelly Presents Cover Exclusive 3. WEBCOMIC: introducing Anna Fitzpatrick’s Between Worlds 4. NEWS: Stephen Downey on Black Scorpion from Atomic Diner 5. ART: Topless Superhero By Tommie […]

ART: Mooney Black Panther {Eclectic Micks}

Black Panther

CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO FULL POST Mooney describes the image: “Sketched this up over the weekend, I really like the current look of the character where he’s kind of decked out in parts of SWAT gear over his regular costume.”

REVIEW: Phil Barrett’s MATTER

Phil Barrett's Matter

BY PAUL HICKEY I was eating M&M’s on the sofa today when one fell out of my hand and down the gap between the cushions. I delved quickly after it but my probing fingers merely pushed it deeper. In my concerted effort to retrieve it, too late I noticed that I too had become enveloped, […]