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INTERVIEW: A Murder Can Be Fatal Talk With Alan Nolan


With the release recently of the first of Alan Nolan’s A Murder Can Be Fatal series of graphic novels from O’Brien Press, I caught up with the County Wicklow native and got the inside story on how this project came to fruition, his experiences in producing the works and working with O’Brien Press. So read […]

WEBCOMIC – The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 135

The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 135

Cú Chulainn is tempted in the latest instalment of The Cattle Raid of Cooley…

NEWS: Babble Graphic Novel At Com.X


Comic publishing company Com.X will be printing a new graphic novel called Babble later this year by UK writer Lee Robson and Northern Irish artist Bryan Coyle. What makes this story a bit special is that the book is even being printed at all. Babble was initially set up at Insomnia but was unpublished prior to […]

ART: Mooney’s Character Sketches For Half Past Danger


On todays Eclectic Micks, Stephen Mooney has shown character design sketches for his upcoming creator owned book Half Past Danger. As Mooney explained in the post “This is MI6 Agent Elizabeth Huntington-Moss, one of the female leads. I love the glamourous hairstyles and fashions of the 1940′s, and that coupled with my fondness for sexy […]

ART: The Unrepetitive Adventures Of Fluff & Down


Via his jBlog John Cullen presents the unrepetitive adventures of Fluff & Down.

NEWS: Garth Ennis and Declan Shalvey interviews

28 Days Later by Declan Shalvey

Couple of links for yez: writer Garth Ennis is interviewed in the Irish Times about everything from Troubled Souls to The Boys, and artist Declan Shalvey is interviewed at Multiversity Comics, mostly about his Marvel work but also touching on 28 Days Later, the Eclectic Micks and the Irish small press.

NEWS: Following Stitched Film, Ennis Gets A New Stitched Comic


Following on from the Stitiched film that he wroter, produced and directed, Garth Ennis now moves the project to the comic store with the news that a Stitched comic will hit shop shelves this winter as an ongoing series. Read on below to see what Avatar Press’ had to say on the matter: “Garth Ennis and Mike […]

NEWS: Hellraiser #4 Preview


Next Wedneday might see the release of the first of the new 52 books in JLA #1 but from an Irish interest it also sees Stephen Thompson’s next comic in BOOM! Studios Hellraiser #4. Take a look below at a preview of the issue and some amazing work from Stephen. Story byClive Barker, Christopher Monfette […]

ART: Cormac Hughes Steampunk Batman


Follow the link below to take a look at the process of making a steampunk Batman piece featuring some of the best heroes and villans ever to pass through Gotham City. It is a great piece and needs to be seen to be appreciated. The piece was done in conjunction with Dublin City Comics for Bellas steampunk show a […]

NEWS – Collected edition of PJ Holden’s Fearless in November


 PJ Holden announces there’s gonna be a collected edition of Fearless, the creator-owned miniseries he did with writers Mark Sable and Dave Roth for Image a few years back, it’ll be out in November, and he’s working on a new cover for it.

NEWS: New Nestor Artist for Mike Lynch


Nestor writer Mike Lynch has revealed today via his blog that Nestor launch artist Mike Ball has been replaced on the project by Lynch’s FutureQuake partner Paul McCallan. Ball will move to working on a Black Star story, the story that earned Lynch his Eagle Award nomination, that will appear in Ri Ra issue #4. […]

NEWS: New York Times Reviews Dublin’s Chris Judge’s New Book


Dublin’s Chris Judge has a new book coming out September 1st called The Lonely Beast. It is a kid focused book that features an almost featureless lead character called appropiately enough The Lonely Beast. Prior to its release the New York Times wrote a review on the book that you can read by following the […]



I want to represent an interview I recently carried out for my 5 Minutes With… column over on that I carried out with honorary Irish man Liam Sharp. Liam has been a long time attendee to many an Irish con down the years and has been an absolute gent to talk to on several […]

NEWS: After A 10 Month Wait – Chronicles Of Wormwood Mini Finishes


Avatar Press have finally released the final issue of Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle with issue six after a 10 month wait for the final issue from number five and an almost two year wait since it began. Telling the tale of a benevolent Anti-Christ, his best friend Jesus and a talking rabbit, the […]

ART: Ben Hennessy’s New Style Featuring Cuchulainn


Over on his Bennessy blog, Ben Hennessy has shown another new style of drawing. You can check out the awesome looking piece below after I’ll let him explain: “Here is Cuchulainn. I freakin Love Cuchulainn! I’ve been drawing him and reading about him since before I can remember. But I’ve never drawn him like this. […]

ART: John Cullen Conversation With A Crow


Via his jblog Clare artist John Cullen has a short piece up today that detials a conversation he had with a crow. It’s funny al a New Yorker funny.

ART: Ciaran Lucas Sample Coloured Marvel Pages


Irish colourist Ciaran Lucas has posted over on his charcoblog some sample pages he has done for Marvel recently. Lucas coloured the Angel: Not Fade Away mini series drawn by Stephen Mooney in 2009 and published by IDW. Take a look below at the sample pages featuring some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters and see the talent […]

EVENTS – Dublin Zine Fair (repost)


Just to  remind you, the Dublin Zine Fair is on this Saturday, 27 August, at Ranelagh Arts Centre! Doors open at 12, and it goes on all the way to 8pm.

REVIEW: Alan Nolan’s Death By Chocolate


DEATH BY CHOCOLATE Story by: Alan Nolan Art by: Alan Nolan Cover by: Alan Nolan Publisher: O’Brien Press Cover Price: €7.99 Book Summery: Marcel Petit-Pois the famous, but bumbling Swiss detective, and his sidekick Tesla, the second cleverest chimp in Europe, are on a case. The mysterious Chocolatier has committed a series of confectionery-related killings. In […]

NEWS: See What Has Been Trending On ICN


Here are the top ten most clicked on stories of the last week on ICN: 1. COMPETITION: Design the ICN mascot! 2. NEWS: New Comic Store In Dundrum 3. NEWS – Irish comic creators in the papers 4. NEWS: Andy Luke through the airwaves 5. REVIEW: Jennifer Wilde Part 1 6. ART: Stephen Mooney’s Indiana […]

WEBCOMIC: The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 134

The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 134

A recuperating Cú Chulainn has a vistor.  Click through to read.

NEWS: Six Million Ways To Die By Alan Nolan Next For O’Brien Press


Following on the release of the first of the Murder Can Be Fatal series of graphic novels, O’Brien Press is following quick on the heels of Death by Chocolate with a September release of the second book Six Million Ways To Die by writer/artist Alan Nolan. the book is to hit stores in September.   Book […]



DRIVETHRU COMICS SPONSOR BARCAMP  DriveThru Comics (the first ever download comics shop) have kindly sponsored the Comics Barcamp Belfast to the tune of £50. Comics Barcamp Belfast would like to thank DriveThru. DriveThru Comics can be found at the link below. Remember, Comics Barcamp Belfast will be taking place on Saturday – September […]

ART: Jay Kent’s Nightcrawler & Dr. Strange


Dublin artist Jay Kent and shown via his ‘The Land of Button Press’ blog a couple of sketches of Nightcrawler and Dr. Strange. I particularly like the Strange pic with its good colouring job and the Nightcrawler looks like it just fell out of an eighties X-Men book.  

NEWS: Win Moccu Press War Of The Two Kings PDF


As the build up to the release of Moccu Press newest book War of the Two Kings continues, news has hit that if you go to the official facebook page of War of the Two Kings and click ‘like’ you could be in with a chance to get one of five free PDF’s of the […]