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ART: 15 Year Old X-Men/Spider-Man Piece from Teenage Shalvey


Recently on the EclecticMicks blog, Declan Shalvey posted a 15 year old X-Men/Spider-Man piece he did while as a 14 year old. Even as a 14 year old the talent is undeniable. The piece can be seen below and is a perfect example of what someone can achiece should they apply themselves as much as […]

ART: John Cullen Fears Trick or Treating


Via his jBlog, John Cullen shows what every trick or treating child fears the most.

Events upcoming in Belfast

Linen Hall Library, Belfast

9pm this Thursday, 3 November, is the regular pub meet at the Cloth Ear on Waring Street. If you make comics or are interested in making comics, it’d be good to see you. Although there have been one or two instances of people being turned away for being under 25, so a future change of […]

COMIC: Philip Barrett’s The Black Bus


Over on his ‘Blackshapes’ blog ( Philip Barrett has posted a one page comic called ‘The Black Bus’ which is actually a pretty cool read. I love the colouring used in the page as well as the writing. Check it out below or click the link above to go to the blog and read it […]

ART: Gary Reynold’s Druantia


Gary Reynolds has posted an absolutely beautiful piece on his ‘Fade to G-Rey’ blog that he has done completely in photoshop. The piece is of Druantia, the Celtic Goddess of creativity, trees and sex. (Now there’s a multitasker!) You can take a look at the piece below and head on over to Gary’s blog to check […]

NEWS: Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond For September


Diamond have released the figures for the top selling 300 comics for September. In a month where the DC line was rebooted it comes as no real surprise that the top selling Irish creator got bumped down the list a little bit. Once more Declan Shalvey was on the top of the pile with Thunderbolts […]

ART: First Look At Joe Campbell’s Nestor Short Story


Via his ‘The Abandoned Blog’ Nestor co-writer Mike Lynch has put up a teaser from a five page Nestor short story with art by his Uproar Comics Zombies Hi! collaborator Joe Campbell. Based upon an idea by Nestor co-creator Martin Greene the short story will likely be available via digital download around the time of […]

ART: Happy Halloween!

Zombie Boy1

Collective Thinking blog this month had horror as it’s theme.  Deirdre de Barras posting of a lovely ‘friendly’ zombie boy is suitably festive for today! For more spooky treats and blood and guts, go visit

NEWS: ICNA 2011 Winners To Be Announced Tuesday


Just a short note to let everyone know that the winners to the inaugral Irish Comic News Awards will be announced on Tuesday the 1st of November exclusively here on ICN. Several of the categories have really gone down to the wire and with vote counting almost finished we are really looking forward to announcing […]

EVENT: Comics West, NUI Galway, 12 November

Aras na MacLeinn, NUI Galway

The Comic Book Society at the National University of Ireland in Galway are holding the second annual Comics West comics and zines event on Saturday 12 November, celebrating Irish creators and including talks, workshops and stalls. It’s in Aras Na MacLeinn on the Galway campus, starts at noon and goes on til late, and entry is […]

ART: Superb Rob Carey Band Of Butchers Page


As Rob Carey continues working on Band of Butchers written by Dan Thompson, he has taken the time to post a splash page on the Sketch Paddys blog which looks really excellent. Take a look below and ensure you pick this book up when it goes on release as the art shown so far has […]

NEWS: Voting Is Now Closed!


It’s just gone mid-night here at ICN central and that means that voting for the first Irish Comic News Awards is closed. With counting underway with a result due over the weekend, there are some categories literally running neck and neck. Everyone here at ICN wishes to thank the hundreds and hundreds of people who cast their […]

ART: Deirdre de Barra new posting 2000AD


Deirde de Barra has posted up a new page from a 5 page test script for 2000AD she is currently working on.  Beautiful pencil lines worked into a great panel layout. Keep an eye on her blog for other postings :  




ART: Kevin Weldon’s Avengers 1963 #1 Cover


New Sketch Paddys contributor Kevin Weldon has posted his first post to the blog and it’s a doozy! Take a look below at his cool rendition of The Avengers 1963 #1 cover and be sure to check out the Sketch Paddys blog for more from Weldon.  

ART: Anthony O’Neill’s Kingdom Come Superman


Nestor artist Anothony O’Neill has a new blog up here: and he has posted various art pieces he has done. Probably the coolest piece is the one which you can see below in which Anthony has rendered his version of Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come Superman. This feldgling self thought artist has a bright future ahead of […]

NEWS & ART: Shalvey To Do Variants To New ‘Apes Book From BOOM!


With the release next Wednesday of the first issue of ‘Betryal of the Planet of the Apes’ from BOOM! Studios, Irish artist Declan Shalvey has revealed that he will be doing the variant covers to issues two through four with colours by Jordie Bellaire. Bellaire will also be colorist on the book proper. Take a […]

NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week


Take a look at the top ten most clicked on posts from this past week. 1. ICN AWARDS 2011 VOTING NOW OPEN! 2. ART: Apparently Artists…? Batman Theme 3. New Comic Shop Opening 4. HISTORY: NutScrewsWashersNBolts online! 5. NEWS: BOOM!/Sliney’s Farscape Finishes Today 6. HISTORY: Comics and cartooning, politics and propaganda 7. NEWS: Alan Nolan’s […]

EVENTS: Independents Day 2012

independents day 2009

Normally around this time of year, we look forward to the annual Independents Day event held in the Co-op Market near Christchurch. We’ve been treated to a wide range of fantastic promotional posters in the past (see above) and the fair has had a wide range of zines, arts & crafts, small press comics and […]

ART: The Red Lady By Gary Reynolds


Over on his ‘Fade To G Rey’ blog, extremely talented artist Gary Reynolds has updated his blog with a new post highlighting a a ‘Red Lady’ which he produced using some new brushes. Gary is a concept artist and a vetern of the gaming industry. Take a look below at the newest piece and head […]

ART: Archie Templars Scary Undertakings©!

grand guignol

Archie Templars recently revealed his latest contribution to the annual ‘Scary Undertakings’ event, which is best described as per his website: Scary Undertakings© Every Halloween a group of Archie’s chums that live in the City by the Bay undertake the massive task of converting their entire home into a Halloween House of Horror. Every year […]

HISTORY: NutScrewsWashersNBolts online!

NSWB 1.indd

Alan Perry, one of the artists behind early 90s Belfast small press anthology NutScrewsWashersNBolts, which also featured work from Paul McCullough, John Farrelly and others, has made the first three issues available as pdf downloads, and the fourth and final issue is on the way. Issue 1 has a strip by Malachy Coney and Seán […]

NEWS: The Comic Cast win a Web Award!! :)

feature image comic

The Web Awards were held last night at the Dublin Mansion House, and in attendance were The Comic Cast Liam and Craig who were up for a nomination. ICN represented too, and when the award winner was announced for Best Independent Podcaster as none other than The Comic Cast, a fair amount of roaring ensued. […]

HISTORY: Comics and cartooning, politics and propaganda


After I wrote this post about the early 80s Belfast small press anthology Ximoc, a conscious attempt to do something apolitical in a politically fraught time, Gar left a comment that “I dream of the day I see a politically engaged small press comic these days”, and Victor Marsillo reminisced about Resistance Comics, an underground […]

NEWS: Alan Nolan’s Ennis Appearance Report


I arrived on Abbey Street in Ennis on Saturday afternoon last about a quarter to three. The weather of course was miserable and I entered Ennis Book Shop thankful for the shelter that it could afford me. I browsed the graphic novel section of the store as the buzz of kids milling around behind me […]