NEWS: Good Irish Representation on 2012 Eagle Awards Nominations List

The longlist of nominations for the 2012 Eagle Awards have been announced and there is a nice mix of Irish representation featured in several different categories. Voting is open right now with the winner to be announced at the MCM Expo in London in May. Take a look below for the Irish nods on the list and follow the link to cast your vote.


Favourite Newcomer Writer:

Alan Nolan, Michael Carroll, Maura McHugh & Mike Lynch

Favourite Newcomer Artist

Alwyn Talbot, Declan Shalvey, Robert Carey & Stephen Downey

Favourite Writer

Alan Nolan, Garth Ennis & Michael Carroll

Favourite Writer/Artist

Alan Nolan & Nick Roche

Favourite Artist: Pencils

Declan Shalvey, Kevin ‘Gio’ Logue, PJ Holden & Stephen Thompson

Favourite Artist: Inks

Declan Shalvey & Stephen Downey

Favourite Artist: Fully Painted Artwork

Alwyn Talbot

Favourite Colourist

Ciaran Lucas & Len O’Grady

Favourite Publisher

O’Brien Press

Favourite New Comicbook

Jennifer Wilde & The Wren

Favourite European Comicbook

Jennifer Wilde, Ri Ra & The Wren

Favourite Web Based Comic


Favourite 2011 Single Story

Band of Buthcers: Tales of the Fallen, Numbercruncher, Judge Dredd: Caterpillars, Judge Dredd: Downtime, The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #3, The Society For The Remarkable Suicide & Transformer# 125: The Death of Optimus Prime

Favourite 2011 Continued Story

Jennifer Wilde, The Boys & Zombies Hi!

Favourite 2011 Cover

The Society for the Remarkable Suicide, Transformers #125: The Death of Optimus Prime & Zombies Hi! #4

Favourite 2011 Original Graphic Novel

Death by Chocolate & The Society For The Remarkable Suicide

Favourite 2011 Reprint Compilation

Sancho: Demons of Dublin

Favourite Comics Related Web Site

Irish Comic News & Comic Buzz

Roll of Honour

Garth Ennis

  • Tommie

    just to point out, its still nominations at this stage not voting. The top five nominations will go through to the voting stage, so if you like someone for a category make sure you nominate them now or they won’t get to the voting stage

  • Alan Nolan

    Also Mike Carroll’s Dredd story “Caterpillars” is listed in the Favourite 2011 Single Story category, and “Sancho: Demons of Dublin” is in the Favourite 2011 Reprint Graphic Novel category. Great news!

  • daniellelavigne

    Michael Carroll seems to be nominated in a few categories, too… :)

    • David O Leary

      Thanks Danielle and Alan.

  • splinister

    I’m not sure it’s useful to have a list like this when the nominees are being added all the time.

    However, I should point out that I’ve been nominated in Favourite Newcomer Writer.

  • Mike Conroy

    Thanks to Tommie for clarifying the situation vis-a-vis the nominations lists. As they simply represent those who have been nominated up to the time of viewing, they’re organic entities that can be added to right up to the time we shut down the nominations process.

    As to splinister’s point, if you’re referring to this Irish Comics list, given that it’s been compiled only a day or two after nominations opened, I would also question its validity although not the spirit with which it’s been compiled. However, if it’s the Eagle’s lists with which you have a problem, those drop down menus serve two functions: firstly they let people know who’s in the running this year and secondly – and I would suggest more importantly – they act as an aide-mémoire for the bulk of those interested in nominating their favourites.

    Mike Conroy
    Founder – Eagle Awards.

  • Tommie

    Cheers Mike,

    I was thinking that we should update this list as the pre-nominations go, but then is there really a point? It was more a post to let everyone know that Irish creators are being given a nod. I added “THESE ARE THE PRE-NOMINATIONS AS OF THE TIME OF WRITING” to the post to clarify.

    Perhaps waiting until the final nominations before we post again would be the wisest course of action.

  • AndyLuke

    To be fair, the organic nature of the voting isn’t fully accessible until ‘Other’ is clicked at the base of the drop-down.

    By posting this list of nominated nominations Dave, you’re encouraging an enhanced transparency around the noms. Would you be proposing a wiki mentality, a conspiracy to decide on the winners through groupthink, built from discussion?

    Ohhh. Dangerous.

    John Robbins is now nominated as Best Letterer and Favourite European Comicbook, Paddy Brown as Best Artist Inks and Best Webcomic, Phil Barrett for Best Writer/Artist, and Myself as Best Newcomer Writer. Absence in four categories- Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White, Favourite 2011 Single Story, Favourite New Comicbook.

    Also, I’ve Sean Duffield/Paper Tiger up for Best Editor & Publisher for the remarkable War anthology. There don’t seem to be any magazines about comics around lately (He brashly ignored the underground zine scene and gained their well-deserved revulsion), so I selected Naomi Klein’s No Logo.

    • Mike Conroy


      I hadn’t realised that “other” was only accessible after scrolling right through each drop down list. It certainly needs to be more prominent and I’ll definitely get our web wizard to look into that. Now that we’re underway I doubt that he can do anything for this year but we’re taking your comments on board.

      Incidentally, nothing to do with the Eagles but I couldn’t help noticing your “There don’t seem to be any magazines about comics around lately” remark. Doesn’t Multiverse get to Ireland?


  • David O Leary

    “Nominations are now open for the 2012 round of the world-famous Eagle Awards. They will remain open until midnight (GMT) on 1 February… and if you want to make your voice heard, the sooner you head on over to the better.

    Once the nominations close, the top five nominations in each category will be verified before being moved forward to the voting round. That gets underway on 15 February, so let us know who you want to see honoured this year!”

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