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fimage Pogoshots by Stephen Coffey. CLICK TO SEE PAST POGOSHOTS

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neill Reprise

noodler option3 copy SEE ALL OF ANTHONY’S NOODLE IMAGES Anthony Says: “Just an idea to try an do something different. I just wanted to try an see if I could finish of the images that I posted here already and this was the result!”

NEWS: Anthea West’s New Book The Earthbound God


Dublin creator Anthea West has a new blog up chronicling her new book The Earthbound God. She has earmarked the book for a summer release date and you can check out information about the story and see some artwork below. Book Description: An earthbound god is a bodiless being, with little strength they possess, they […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawler feels Tues is Cupcake Day


NEWS: Gary Reynolds Marilyn Monroe Print For Sale

marilyn_small 2

Gary Reynolds recently did a Marilyn Monroe print for a charity auction for his company. He has a limited print run of the piece which he has for sale. As Gary explained on his blog, “They are a limited print run and after the first print of each is sold the remaining prints can be […]

NEWS: Longstone Comics artists to feature in new comic ‘Romantic Mayhem’


Longstone Comics artists are a few artists to be featured in an upcoming comic Romantic Mayhem, which is a comic being created by the brainchild of Superhero Showcase creator Gar Shanley. It will feature contributing art by Ian Pettitt, Deirdre de Barra and ICN’s Hilary Lawler according to the Longstone site.  The collaborative comic will feature a […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Tommie Kelly’s Joker

fg-joker CLICK TO SEE ALL OF TOMMIE KELLY’S NOODLE POSTS All done in Manga Studio bar a few edits in Photoshop. Took about an hour.

NEWS: The Wren #8 Arrives Next Thursday In Full Colour

COVER8 (2)

The Wren creator Jason Connors has revealed via the books facebook fan page that the next issue in the all ages title will be released next Thursday. As previously reported it will be the first issue in the run that will be produced in full colour in a title that has been running since December 2009. […]



  PIGS #6 (Cover Date: February 2012) Story by: Nate Cosby & Ben McCool Art by: Breno Temura & Will Sliney Colours by: Chris Sotomayor Letters by: Rus Wooten Cover by: Christian Ward Publisher: Image Comics Cover Price: $2.99 Book Summery: Meet Fred. The ongoing sleeper cell adventures continue, by NATE COSBY (Jim Henson’s Storyteller), […]

ART: League Of Volunteers #3 Variant Cover Pencils


Barry Keegan has posted the pencils of the variant cover to League of Volunteers #3 on his blog. The Atomic Diner heavyweight book has landed to widespread critical acclaim with the first issue going to a third printing. The cover according to Keegan’s description is a League from the mid 1550′s. Take a look at […]

NEWS: Take A Look At Our Top Posts From This Past Week


Here’s the top most clicked on posts from this past week on ICN. 1.  GUEST IRISH COMIC NOODLER: Ben Hennessy 2. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neill’s Kato 3. THE BIG INTERVIEW: Paddy Lynch & Rory McConville Talk Up Big Jim 4. PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 1 [UPDATED] 5. EVENT:Creator Owned Day 1st March 6. UPDATE: Comic […]


mclancy_011_618x348 SEE ALL OF MAEVE’S NOODLE IMAGES

EVENT: The Big Bang To Hold Avengers vs X-Men Launch Party


With the launch of the Avengers vs X-Men event in April, The Big Bang are also getting in on the fun with a hosting of a lunch party on April 3rd. You can get all the info below which the shop posted on their facebook page earlier.   AVENGERS Vs. X-MEN LAUNCH PARTY at THE […]

NEWS: Gerry Hunt’s Draugr In Dublin City


Blood Upon The Rose creator Gerry Hunt is on the verge of returning to the shelves with his new book Draugr In Dublin City. It tells the tale of  a couple of young Dublin ne’er-do-wells who disturb a Viking grave. The Viking comes back to life as a Draugr – a sort of vengeful zombie […]

NEWS: On The Shelves Next Week: Thompson, Sliney & Ennis


Take a look below at the books hitting shelves next Wednesday featuring Irish talent. Will Sliney is flashback artist on the excellent Pigs #6, Stephen Thompson returns with one of BOOM! Studios premeire books in Hellraiser #11 while Garth Ennis’ Stitched #2 gets a special edition. Image Comics – Pigs #6 Writer :  Nathan Cosby Artist :  Breno Tamura & […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Alan Nolan’s Adele Blanc-Sec

alnolan_011_618x348 SEE ALL OF ALAN’S NOODLE IMAGES



The Black Terror is a public domain superhero – you can read about him here. PJ Holden has done his own take on him and it will be available as a limited edition print in Cardiff this weekend for the Cardiff International Comic And Animation Expo At the show, Holden will be sketching and is […]

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Paddy Lynch & Rory McConville Talk Up Big Jim


Today I’m delighted to present an exclusive  interview with the writer and artist of the forthcoming historical graphic novel Big Jim due from O’Brien Press later this year telling the tale of famed Irish trade union leader and activist Jim Larkin. Rory McConville, speaking to us all the way from San Diego and Paddy Lynch have both […]


noodler_1 copy

EVENT: 10 Days in Dublin


What is 10 Days In Dublin? 10 Days in Dublin is a multidisciplinary, open-format, arts festival. This means that the festival includes all types of art or performance: music, comedy, theatre, film, painting, sculpture, you name it. We’re run as a not-for-profit venture, and most of our staff work on a fully voluntary basis. We […]

PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 1 [UPDATED]

Ciaran Flanagan - outside the pub

DOWNLOAD LINK/ WEB PLAYER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST It’s finally here !!!! Join hosts Ciaran Flanagan and Bobby Best as they struggle against technical difficulties , K9 attacks and their own inadequacies as human beings in their quest to find a format. In our début adventure we discuss DC’s New 52 ( and […]


fimage Pogoshots by Stephen Coffey. CLICK TO SEE PAST POGOSHOTS

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neill’s Kato

bruce is kato SEE ALL OF ANTHONY’S NOODLE IMAGES ANTHONY SAYS: “I’ve always been a crazy Bruce fan so of course I would have loved to have seen him as Kato and possibly even get his own series outside of the Green Hornet. I think we can all agree that that would’ve been awesome, but alas, he was […]

ART: Anthony Boland’s Dorothy Concepts


Artist Anthony Boland has posted several Dorothy concept sketches on his blog which you can see below.  They are some cool pieces particularly the Adrian Alphona influenced ‘modern one’.    

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawler’s Scott Vs Walking Dead