IRISH COMIC NEWS: Anthony O’Neill’s Peggy



“This is a version of the pic of Peggy carter that Steve rogers (aka captain America) kept on him when he went into battle.
 i always loved the beautiful tragedy between these two characters. I tried to create a bit of discoloration and wear on the photo as if the years in the ice had effected it.
The beautifully calligraphic writing in the top right hand corner was done by my girlfriend Charlene just to give it that feminine touch iv also thrown in caps helmet and a bullet belt just for fun.”
  • harley

    Peggy Carter!! Thats absolutely brill!! Sexy, cute and kinda sad when you think of the fact its ona the last things that poor Cap will see of his Sqeeze b4 waking up to our modern caotic world! Fab :-)

  • harley

    p.s thanks I found the stan and spidey pic! :-)

  • anthony

    Hi all i just wanted to thank anyone that clicked my image this week i really appreciate all the support : )

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