NEWS: Anthea West’s New Book The Earthbound God

Dublin creator Anthea West has a new blog up chronicling her new book The Earthbound God. She has earmarked the book for a summer release date and you can check out information about the story and see some artwork below.

Book Description: An earthbound god is a bodiless being, with little strength they possess, they reach out to a body, take it and warped to suit the spirit now living inside it. Then they become bound to our earth, becoming the very chains which bind them. These Earthbound Gods become our deities, our demons, our superstitions. We worship them, fear them and sometimes… We Hunt them.





  • Ant

    Aweomse, thank you very much for posting this :D

    • David O Leary

      My pleasure. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the progress on this. Good luck.

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