Ouija: A Panelplay by Tommie Kelly

Tommie Kelly (yup that’s me) has published his first comic of 2012 over on his blog http://www.tommiekelly.com,

Click the image above to go to the direct link/

It’s called Ouija and he (yup still me) hopes you like it!

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    Dude that’s totally bitchen i loved it the Carl character was hilarious well done man.
    Can i ask what program you used to produce it?
    Will we see any more of this stuff…i want a Carl t-shirt.

    • http://www.tommiekelly.com Tommie

      Its just a pluggin so all I did was put the single images together in PS.

      Glad you like it! Hopefully I’ll do more stuff like in the future!

  • http://www.blood-and-rain.blogspot.com harley

    hay tommie, I really enjoyed this story it was hilarious Id love to see more!!!

    • http://www.tommiekelly.com Tommie

      Thanks Harley

  • John Robbins

    Works brilliantly in this format, Tommie. Perilously close to animation when you get too clicky with it, but very effective stuff nonetheless, and very nicely realised.

    • http://www.tommiekelly.com Tommie

      Cheers John,

      You hit the nail right on the head tho. Thats the problem with pushing comics into new formats or directions: at what point is it just crap animation?

      I toyed with putting a soundtrack/sound effects on it too but decided that, like most motion comics, it would end up just being a really bad cartoon.

      I like the fact that you can’t see the panels ahead though, I think that could be quite effective.

  • http://www.fugtheworld.blogspot.com Gar

    It works really well. I’d be very interested to see more. It might be the future of reading comics online. The only things missing are the overall impact of a complete page upon turning it and seeing it for the first time and the use of panel size for emphasis. So it’s a bit different, but so what. The fact you can’t see approaching panels is fantastic. I love it when the lights come back on and go out again.

    I really wouldn’t be sure about sound effects though, fine as it is.

    • http://www.tommiekelly.com Tommie

      Cheers Gar,
      Yea, I don’t think sound effects or music are really needed or desired. I’ve gone off that idea I think.

      Delighted you like!

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