PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 1 [UPDATED]


It’s finally here !!!! Join hosts Ciaran Flanagan and Bobby Best as they struggle against technical difficulties , K9 attacks and their own inadequacies as human beings in their quest to find a format. In our début adventure we discuss DC’s New 52 ( and their horrendous new logo) , recent legal difficulties faced by some comics creators , the recent reboot of the X-Men franchise , and most shockingly whether or now the 2d Festival home turf The Verbal Arts Centre recently perished in a towering inferno! In more light-hearted news , we are joined by none other than David Campbell for a natter about his life in comics and the SECRET ORIGIN OF THE 2D FESTIVAL! All This plus a chance to get your mucky paws on a nice hardback copy of All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder by Jim Lee and Frank Miller.

You can contact the podcast team with questions, plugs, enquiries or competition entries at our email address : 2dcast @gmail.com . All feedback is gratefully received

More information about The Comicbook Legal Defence Fund as mentioned during the show can be found @ http://cbldf.org/

We are in the process of submitting the show to Itunes!

  • http://www.blood-and-rain.blogspot.com Char

    Yay 2D I cant wait for this years!! Last year was so cool, Glen fabry and rufus dayglo are such nice guys, I hope they will be attending again this year :-)

  • http://www.blood-and-rain.blogspot.com Char

    P.s PLZ say ur kidding about the pershing thing?!

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    WOW! WOW wOW! is this true about the v a centre if it is does anyone know what this mean for this years 2d

    one more thin i attended 2d last year via bus eireann an lets just say it was a nine hour experiance id rather forget and never repeat, does anyone know of the best value way of getting to 2d from co clare without having to survive the torture of public bus’s?

    oh an befor anyone says Train iv looked into it and im finding it intensly hard to get any info so if you know anything about times ,prices or transfers id really appreciate it.
    thanks gus : )

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    again sorry for misspelling blame work and no coffee that was supposed to say GUYS

  • David O Leary

    Anto, its about 6 hours to Derry via car if you can score a lift. Check out Shannon, Galway and Kerry airport for Aer Arann flight information, a few quid via bus to the airport and another few for a flight. They used to have a daily flight from Cork until the crash last year so I don’t know if they still do it.

  • http://www.tommiekelly.com Tommie

    Proper player/download link should be working now. Give it a few days for Itunes!

  • freebirdswing

    just to clarify re the VAC. Whilst we were jovial during show the centre came very close to burning down


    the police report says they did not ignite. thats a load of bollocks , ive seen the cctv footage. Suffice it to say had they not installed window gaurds there would be no festival this year

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    thanks dave il look into those options :)

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