EVENT: Ross and Hitch Signing At The Big Bang Date Confirmed

The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum Shopping Centre has been teasing for several weeks an upcoming apperance by America’s Got Powers creators Bryan Hitch and Jonathan Ross. A date was finally confirmed for the event this morning via the stores Facebook page and it is April 21st! Both creators will be present at the store on the Saturday and will be signing copies of the book.

  • http://www.blood-and-rain.blogspot.com Char

    WOW!! That is so awsome, Irish comic noodlers Anthony O’ Neill will be the first in line lol :)

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!. !OMG!.gods walk among us people the great bryan hitch oh my efing god.

  • http://www.anthonylukeoneill.blogspot.com anthony

    thanks so much for posting this icn you’v made my life compleet… wait do i sound like a geekish fan boy. AH WHO CARES “!!!BRYAN HITCH!!!” OH MY GOD!!

    • David O Leary

      Yes you do but so do I! :)

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