IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds Stranger in a Strange Land

So this week is called ‘Stranger in a strange land’


‘This week a really quick speedpaint. I like 60’s cheesy sci-fi costume designs, kind of like the stuff Phil Noto does… so here’s one.’

  • anthony

    i love the texture of this whole piece very nice.

  • Voregan6079

    very nice.. I’m going to like this website.. Very inspirational!!!

  • Hilary

    Great to hear that Voregan6079! Garys work is awesomesauce and I love the way each noodler brings a completely different style to the doodles for each day. It’s well cool.

  • G Rey

    Anthony – Thanks my man! Loving all your work. Your recent stuff has been incredible!
    Voregan – Much appreciated, hope you liked the site!
    Hilbo – As supportive as always, thanks! :)

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