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IMO: COMICS – Boys Vs Girls by Gar Shanley


BOYS VERSUS GIRLS The triumph of one was not dependent on the failure of the other but if there was a war between comics for girls and comics for boys then the boys comics won. Mainstream comics today have their roots in fare that was designed to appeal to young males. That is why you […]



COVER ART: Exile On The Planet Of The Apes #3 By Declan Shalvey


With the second issue of BOOM! Studios superb Exile on the Planet of the Apes now on shelves, Declan Shalvey via his blog has shown the cover art to the upcoming third issue with colours by Jordie Bellaire. Take a look below.

REVIEW: National Tragedy’s Romantic Mayhem


It is no secret that the heyday of Romance Comics is well past. Romance Comics were one of the core genres in comics that exploded after World War2 inthe US and its popularity was immense right through to he beginning of the industry self imposed Comics Code Authority in 1954. Although the genre continued in […]

COMICS: Elida Maiques Tiny comic SLOW is back


The very small magazine was launched again at the Independents Day market,(see above for the cover) and Elidas latest work called ‘Silent Chaos’ is displayed below. For more updates on Elidas comics and artwork make sure to check out

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Deidre de Barras Iron Man

DdeB_Iron Man feature

I am fighting a horrible cold so you can see where my head’s at. Poor Iron Man…. that’s just icky

NEWS: See Our Top Posts From This Past Week


Here’s a breakdown of our top clicked on posts from this past week. 1. BREAKING (UPDATE): The Big Bang Announce September International Comic Expo 2. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds Obi Wan Kenobi 3. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Anthea West Lets ICN Behind The Curtain Of The Earthbound God And More 4. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS:Anothony O’Neills Avengers […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Alan Nolans Character Sketches


For Friday here are some random sketches, including character sketches for my latest Rírá strip, Liam’s Leprechaun.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: New Lightning Strike Creator Pete Hernandez Speaks Exclusively To ICN


ICN is delighted to present an interview with the latest creator to jump aboard the Lightning Strike Anthology that will get its launch at London’s Kapow Con on May 19th. Pete Hernandez began his Company Man strip in 2009 with the purpose of introducing readers to a diverse world of superheroes. The Brooklyn, New York […]

NEWS: New Comic Heroes Magazine Reviews John Cullen’s Daily Doodles


The new issue of Comic Heroes Magazine in its small press section has run a review of John Cullen’s Daily Doodles which were covered in the later stages by ICN last year when it came to an end in early November. The Daily Doodle was a challenge that John set himself of doing 365 daily […]

NEWS: Pete Hernandez’ Company Man Comes To Lightning Strike


Above is the promo image designed by Company Man creator Pete Hernandez to celebrate the American’s Company Man tale being included in the opening issue of the upcoming Lightning Strike Comics anthology. To date Compnay Man has been available only as a digital comic and for the first time will see print in the highly […]

WEBCOMIC: The Holy Numbers Teaser Image


The first proper Teaser image from Tommie Kelly’s new webcomic has been posted. The comic is set in an alternative modern-day Ireland where a New Age Movement known as The Holy Numbers has become one of the most popular belief systems in the country. It deals with the nature of beliefs and how we each […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds Obi Wan Kenobi


This week I finished a painting I started quite a few years ago, but just left as it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. It’s of Obi Wan Kenobi as portrayed by Alec Guinness. I like how interesting his face was with his wrinkles and zen-like composure and power.   I used reference […]


17 Pogoshots by Stephen Coffey. CLICK TO SEE PAST POGOSHOTS

EVENT: Alan Corbett Art Exhibition With Original Comic Art For Sale


Ghost of Shandon creator Alan Corbett has announced details of his first solo gallery exhibition which will be held at the Twenty Twenty Fine Art Gallery in Cork’s North Mall on August 14th to August 25th. Original work from his forthcoming graphic novel Ghost of Shandon, a tale set in 18th Century Cork which is released this […]

EVENT: Free Comic Book Day At The Big Bang


As Free Comic Book Day creeps up on us once more, among the first to post details regarding their event is The Big Bang in Dundrum. Taking place on May 5th from 9am to 7pm with 10,000 free comics to give away, take a look below for the event information including a subject to change […]

COVER ART: Black Scorpion #1 and Legion Britannia Variant


Via the Atomic Diner Facebook fan page comes the cover and the Legion Britannia variant to the upcoming Black Scorpion One-Shot that will drop this summer. Both covers are drawn by Stephen Downey. The Legion Britannia variant will be limited to just 150 copies and you see both covers below.!/profile.php?id=100000301562664

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS:Anothony O’Neills Avengers

avengers collage copy

so here’s what happened with this one, i HAD to do an avengers pic this week but was way more busy than i usually am so basically i rooted out some old avengers stuff that i had done years ago and just kinda pieced it together into a sort of collage type thingy and then […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawlers Daenerys Targaryen


Taking inspiration from Daenerys in the brilliant Game of Thrones, I was attempting to go for a slight Alphonse Mucha style.  It was heading that way, yet I couldn’t get a strong line from any pens or brushes in Corel and I haven’t got the command of Photoshop to do it that way yet.  As […]



Naomi Bolger has joined the ranks of the SKETCH PADDYS. Check out her first contribution and then go to the blog and check out everyone else’s art AND THEN if you are nice they might ask you to join their new Facebook group

NVTV in funding trouble


NVTV were set up in the 90s, originally serving as a training ground for local journalists and technicians wanting to make in-roads to working for Channel 4. Sometime after they metamorphisised into a sort-of public access station, giving an air to community voices in Northern Ireland’s capital as it left the Troubles behind it. Beneath […]



CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Anthea West Lets ICN Behind The Curtain Of The Earthbound God And More


ICN presents the first in what we hope will a series of interviews, where we aim to bring to the forefront those comic creators plying their trade in Ireland who may not yet be household names but have the drive and talent to produce comics not because they have to but because they have the […]

BREAKING (UPDATE): The Big Bang Announce September International Comic Expo


It has just been announced in the last few minutes (3.00pm) at the Jonathon Ross and Bryan Hitch signing at The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum that an internatinal comic expo will take place in Dundrum on September 29th & 30th. Prior to the shop closing at noon today to prepare for the star signing it […]

UPDATES: Paddy Lynchs poster for Independents Day


As you probably well know by now the Independents Day comic/zine/fair event is taking place tomorrow, and if you don’t then check out the reminder by Dave here with Elida Maiques fantastic poster for it   – the original promotion of the event here – Paddy Lynch has also done a number of […]