NEWS: See Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here’s a breakdown of our top clicked on posts from this past week.

1. BREAKING (UPDATE): The Big Bang Announce September International Comic Expo

2. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds Obi Wan Kenobi

3. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Anthea West Lets ICN Behind The Curtain Of The Earthbound God And More

4. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS:Anothony O’Neills Avengers

5. WEBCOMIC: The Holy Numbers Teaser Image

6. EVENT: Alan Corbett Art Exhibition With Original Comic Art For Sale

7. NEWS: Pete Hernandez’ Company Man Comes To Lightning Strike

8. COMICS: Space Avalanche ‘Scene of the Crime’

9. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawlers Daenerys Targaryen

10. THE BIG INTERVIEW: New Lightning Strike Creator Pete Hernandez Speaks Exclusively To ICN

And as always folks, thanks for reading.