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ART: Rob Carey’s GI Joe Test Pages


REVIEW: Atomic Diner’s Black Scorpion One Shot


  Written by: Rob Curley Art by: Stephen Downey Cover by: Stephen Downey Published by: Atomic Diner REVIEW: Anticipation was high coming into this book. From the announcement of a war story of which I am a huge fan of to the amazing cover that was released several months ago coupled with how strong the […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS:Gary Reynolds Moon Knight


This week I decided to do one of my favourite Marvel characters Moon Knight. The comics Bill Sienkiewicz did in the early 80’s blew me away and I found him extremely influential. I also wanted to do a monochrome piece as I was inspired by a lot of Ben Hennessy’s excellent work he’s been doing […]

Pogoshots: Last Night

22 Pogoshots by Stephen Coffey. CLICK TO SEE PAST POGOSHOTS Join the Forum discussion on this post

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neills Green Arrow

Green Arrow

 So this one was done for the man of POGOSHOTS fame Mr Stephen Coffey himself. I must admit that when Stephen asked me to do this for him, as honoured as I was I was slightly weary.  You see, as much as I like Green Arrow and most of the JLA, I’m just not much of a DC reader.  […]

ANDY LUKE Takes Over The (virtual) World


Andy Luke has a couple of new homes on the web, and it’s companion, So what’s the plan Andy? “I’ve taken the path of test trading after 15 years of doing this sort of thing for the sake of doing it. I have grand plans, but for the present, I’m treating the process as a level […]

PREVIEW: Stephen Mooneys ‘The End of Days’


Up on the blog of Stephen Mooney this week is news that he is on the last few pages of his Issue 1 of Half Past Danger.  The bonus news however, is that he’ll be making a preview issue available for a sneak peak on the weekend, at the 2D Festival in Derry, where he’ll […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawlers Night Sounds


Quick doodle this week with a theme along the lines of restless sleep and what emerges from the shadows.  A good tune can go a long way to helping your mind rest.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Ger Hankey’s Short Sharp Shocks #3

Front Cover Preview

Prior to the latest issues release of Short Sharp Shocks at the 2D festival this weekend, Ger Hankey has kindly given ICN a sneak peak at the new book. The anthology book done in its entirety by Ger and to date the first two issues of the series are among my favourite books by any indie Irish creator […]

ART: Dec Shalvey’s Omar From The Wire


Take a look at a con sketch that Declan Shalvey has done for a fan which features Omar from HBO’s legendary show The Wire from his time at KAPOW Con in London recently.



COVER ART: Pearlmoon Productions Two Lives #2 & #1 Sneak Peak


Take a look above at the cover to Two Lives Part 2 which is the upcoming new title from Pearlmoon Productions. While you marvel at that awesomeness, take a look below at a sneak peek at the interior art from issue one. “Two Lives”, a 2 part stand alone comic that will be written Una […]



Hellboy!!! Had more fun drawing and colouring this than should strictly be allowed. Ah hell… it’s the random nutty fun that keeps us relentlessly scribbling : )

NEWS: Newpark Comprehensive in Blackrock Produce Anthology Graphic Novel


In an awesome achievement ‘Jam - ­ An Anthology of Graphic Fiction’, has been created by students from Newpark Comprehensive in Blackrock.  Paul Howard has written the foreword for the book while the students worked with visual artist Alan Clarke, Ruth O’Donnell in the Graphic Studio and Philip Barrett, who did the layout of the book. The […]

COMPETITION: Will Sliney Is Running Facebook Comp For Cú Chulainn


Will Sliney is currently running a competition for the next few days whereby the winner will be drawn into the final page of the Cú Chulainn graphic novel which goes on sale from O’Brien Press in 2013. See below for the blurb from his page and follow the link to participate. “Competition: Appear in Celtic […]

NEWS: Anthony O’Neill’s Busy Summer


Via the Uproar Comics blog comes a nice piece on ICN Noodler Anthony O’Neill as a spotlight of what work of his will be out over the summer. As  well as his long awaited work on Nestor #2 he will also be a contributor on the next installment of the popular Zombies Hi! #6 due […]

NEWS: Take A Look At Our Top Posts From This Past Week


Here is a breakdown of our top posts from this ast week. 1. NEWS: New Back Catalogue Shop Opens…Kind of 2. REVIEW: Lightning Strike Presents #1 3. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neills Nestor 4. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds 5. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Maeve Clancy 6. Anthea West’s Earthbound God IndieGoGo campaign 7. IRISH COMIC […]

PODCAST: The Comic Cast Robo City


DOWNLOAD OR STREAM AT BOTTOM OF POST This week on the Comic Cast, we talk to Irish illustrator Matthew Griffin who loves, in equal parts, the traditional and the futuristic and occasionally likes to combine the two. His work is a mixture of ink and digital methods. Here he talks about how he got started, […]



A chimpanzee having a Shakespearian existential moment with a banana. As you do.

ART: Stephen Downey Process Junkie

Process Downey Stephen Downey has reopened his DOWNEY DOODLES Tumblr and to kick off he has given us a glimpse behind the scenes of the making of the cover of Black Scorpion. Go check it out and follow his blog if you are a Tumblr member!



Just a really quick and rough doodle this week as I didn’t have too much time.

WEBCOMICS: SKYRIM by Space Avalanche


Have you been over to visit Space Avalanche recently?

COMICS: Blackshapes Terry Popov Panels


Over on Philip Barretts blog he has a beautiful range of Terry Popov panels uploaded which were a follow on piece of artwork from a 24 panels in the life of Terry Popov poster that he had available. Panel 1 and 4 are below, but make sure to check out the site for the […]

ART COMP: Cork Art Supplies Art Competition


Just a quick posting to let people know that Cork Arts Supplies are holding a competition – see the image below for the theme and the rules.  What is really tasty is the prize is a €100 voucher for their store, which would probably be spent in record time to say the least. So to […]

IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neills Nestor

Nestor noodler image

So there has been a lot of hype here on ICN about Mike Lynch and Martin Greene’s fang-tastically gore-ious new book ” Nestor ” which I just so happen to have illustrated the second issue of, so I thought it’d be great to do a teaser for you guys, just to try get some feedback […]