IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O’Neills DBZ’s Vegeta

So here’s a version i done of DBZ’s Vegeta

I always thought dbz was an awesome story and would’ve loved to have seen it done in an Americanised comic book style (hey if wolverine can be a manga and an anime why cant we have a comic book dbz).

I liked the idea of vegeta being a superman fan hence the belt buckle.  I just thought it’d be a hilarious contrast to his insane nature, there’s a comparative pick of the original Vegeta down in the lower right hand corner so zoom in an have a goo, OH! and I’ve also done a version of kid boo which has had alot of hits on the blog so check that out too if your a DBZ fan:  ”kid boo link” happy viewing guys

  • Char

    very cool! Very different but still cool well done!! :)

  • chris12341

    hey nice one this is soo cool love it this defiantly one of my favorite pic so far :)

  • David O Leary

    This one is pretty epic.

  • Stephen Coffey

    Have no idea who this is, but it’s fantastic either way…

  • Robert

    that is class.

  • anthony

    wow ok… first of you guys are so kind for all your lovely comments and secondly id love to know whats bringing on all the love for this particular pick, it’d be nice to be able to lock in on it, but again thanks guys your all awesome! ;)

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