NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here’s our most clicked on posts from this past week:

1. NEWS: The Big Bang Take A Stand On Anti Gay Marraige Stance From Author

2. REVIEW: Lightning Strike #2

3. 2DCAST EPISODE 21:  2d Festival director David Campbell

4. PRESS RELEASE: Earthruler From DOT Comics Set For London Super Con Release

5. COVER ART: Big Jim Graphic Novel

6. 2DCAST EPISODE 20: With special strategic guest star Stephen Downey.

7. FREE COMIC: Mike Lynch & Anthony O’Neill’s ‘London Clint’ Strip Is Free

=8. IN MY OPINION: Widen our horizons, raise our game [PB:IMO]

=8. More 2D Comics Festival Guests announced!

10. PRESS RELEASE: Titan Comics Release Details on PJ Holden’s Collected Numbercruncher

And as always, thanks for reading.