2Dcast Episode 28: With Special Guests Gar Shanley, Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh.


As the last minute panic grows ever stronger we chat with newly announced 2d Festival guest Gar Shanley who tells us about the brand new Courageous Mayhem anthology. We  have a spoiler ( and rant) filled review of the fantastic Star Trek Into Darkness. We also talk To Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh about The (now fully funded) who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. The audio for the three way conversation was a bit dodgy; we apologise and won’t be trying that again.

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Reviewed in this episode:

Green Lantern Corps issue 20 by Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin
All New X-Men issue 11: Brian Michael BendisCover Artist: Stuart Immonen

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