NEWS: Nick Roche Assists In Bill Mantlo Health Care Fundraising

Nick Roche is one of twelve comic book creators who are known for their work on Transformers to have signed thirty copies of Transformers #100 that is currently up for public auction on ebay right now.

The money raised from the auction will go towards the continuing health care costs of creator Bill Mantlo and the current hard times he is currently experiencing. Mantlo is perhaps best known for being the creator of Guardians of the Galaxy recent breakout character Rocket Racoon.

Joining Roche on signing the issue are Simon Furman, Jason Cardy, John Paul Bove, Casey Collier,  Jose Delbo,  Lee Sullivan, Geoff Senior, Bob Budiansky, Stephen Baskerville, Andrew Wildman and Guido Guidi.

There is still some time left to bid on these issues which you can bid on here.

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