NEWS: Two Stephen Mooney DC Books To Be Released On Christmas Eve

After making his recent DC debut on Grayson #1, the Futures End tie in issue, fans will be treated to two books that will feature art by Stephen Mooney that will be released on Christmas Eve.

The DC website has listed the Grayson Annual #1 and Secret Origins #8 as the issues in question. In Secret Origins, Mooney will be joined by Tim Seeley and Tom King to tell the New 52 origins of Dick Grayson. The story will be one of three in the issue that be rounded out by Animal Man by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman and Katana by Ann Nocenti, Cliff Richards.

Pic Above: Secret Origins Promo Art (DC Comics)

In Grayson Annual #1 we will be learning the secret origin of Helena Bertinelli in an issue that will be scripted by Tim Seeley and Tom King.

Pic Above: Grayson Annual Promo Art (DC Comics)

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