NEWS: Tom Cassidy’s Dublin Daze Now Collected

‘Dublin Daze, of a mankey Monday morning’ is the first in a collection of seven books of comic-strips dedicated to life on Dublin’s Northside with all its faults, flaws and fumbling cross section of characters by creator Tom Cassidy.

This first 64 page book was brought to life by the author’s lifelong fascination with Dublin’s Northside and its inhabitants. From its crumbling buildings to its windswept, binge-drinking, salt-of-the-earth population, from inner city to outer Pale and the lands beyond the Avoca Café on the N7.


Tom described the books intent as, “Its mission is to heighten your awareness of those funny little moments we all witness along the way…….and to stop once in a while and have a good laugh at ‘de state o’ ya’.”

Now a family man living in Raheny, Tom who has been widely published in newspapers after getting first published  in a weekly comic strip in a Der Sihltaler Newspaper in Switzerland in 1997, Tom tells us that Dublin Daze “was written as a blog in those miserable mankey minutes of a Monday morning, just as you realise the weekend has truly slipped away and the dread sinks into the pit of your stomach as the weekly urban rat-race to Friday afternoon begins yet again. It should make you smile, laugh, giggle, snigger or realise how close to the truth most of them are and that we’re all F**ked.”

Full of quirky cartoons and colourful characters, creator Tom Cassidy, a native of Malahide, has signed copies available directly on for €8.99 plus P&P or on Amazon.

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