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Its been quite a while since my last piece for ICN. As is usual with these things, life, work, news editing and those full interviews I have gotten in the habit of doing (which I hope people are enjoying). With the recent move of Sub-City from their 20 year home on Exchequer Street to their […]

In My Opinion: Marketing In The Small Press – What’s Out There [IMO:DOL]


I’ve asked myself in the recent past regarding the small press and how they market their new release books and have found that perhaps not enough is being done to promote the works. Of course it goes without saying that most kinds of marketing require at least some amount of money behind it to push […]



I have been meaning to do a column on this for a number of months but haven’t been able to work out a way of doing it that wouldn’t come across as condescending or preachy or just not come across in the manner I meant it to. My being a guy talking about women in […]



Let’s be honest. The major attraction of DICE 2013 for the regular comic book fan was the star power John Hendrick and his team attracted. This in itself had benefits for the up and coming Irish creator. It gave them a chance to interact with established creators and gain insights into the craft of comic […]



“My name is David Ferguson and I am a comic book art collecting addict.” “Well done! The first step is admitting you have a problem!” “Who said it was a problem?” So, where does this piece come from? From sketches to commissions to original art pages, I collect the lot and, with DICE 2013 coming […]

Pulling the Pull-List?


I have never had a pull-list. I think one of the reasons is because I have a habit of going into auto-pilot when it comes to purchasing and having to pick the individual issues off the shelves (and now selecting them on ComiXology) might make me stop to think about whether I was actually buying […]

The Little Room of Comics.


What we did, why we did, and why we’ll do it again go dammit! By John Currivan.   The blurb for the Little Room of Comics begins with “Irish Comics are alive and well..” and they are, and I wanted to share these comics with people. I still see myself as new to the comic […]



IN MY OPINION: THE SUN GOD IN BUCKETS OF RAIN (Or Why I think Irish comics don’t need a Superman) BY David Ferguson Trying to come up with something to write this week was a bit of a tough one but I ended up coming up two or three ideas that I thought might work. […]

IN MY OPINION: Kickstarter From A Consumer’s Point Of View [IMO:DF]


ICN contributor David Ferguson takes a look at the other side of Kickstarter, the side of the person who backs the project. You may have seen several posts over the last couple of weeks that mention projects that have crowd sourced funding on Kickstarter with Cyanide & Happiness smashing their goal and Earthruler currently working its way […]

IN MY OPINION: Irish Comics & Archiving By Guest Writer Jason Browne [IMO:JB]


Irish Comics and Archiving Looking back over the last year or two as the selection of Irish titles grows in our little corner of the world market I am gladdened and slightly worried about the future and the past of the Irish comic book scene. Will the historians of the future have access to the […]

IMO: ICBM lecture last Thursday in Trinity!


By BARRY KEEGAN. I feel that I wanted to Acknowledge Irish Comic Book Month and all the efforts put in across the community. This is a written report from my point of view and impressions on last Thursday’s Lecture in Trinity College. When I first seen Irish Comic book Month mentioned on Irish Comic News […]

IN MY OPINION: A Farewell to The Boys (IMO:COM)


This article is about The Boys, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s series from Dynamite Entertainment, which just finished with issue 72. Though I avoid all specifics, it unavoidably contains some spoilers for the series.

IN MY OPINION: Widen our horizons, raise our game [PB:IMO]

Art by Sergio Toppi

Sergio Toppi died today. He’d been drawing comics in Italy since the 60s, and, as someone who at least tries to keep my eyes on what’s going on, I’d heard the name, but I’m afraid I didn’t know much about him. Then Simon Fraser, artist on Nikolai Dante in 2000AD, posted a drawing of his […]

IMO: COMICS – Boys Vs Girls by Gar Shanley


BOYS VERSUS GIRLS The triumph of one was not dependent on the failure of the other but if there was a war between comics for girls and comics for boys then the boys comics won. Mainstream comics today have their roots in fare that was designed to appeal to young males. That is why you […]

How good is your Customer Support? [TK-IMO]


I have been absent from the site for the last few weeks as my main desktop PC had a malfunction. I was using my laptop in the meantime but it is so useless that even trying to open the admin section of the site was a struggle. Anyway I am not here to talk about […]

IN MY OPINION: Fair And Balanced My @$$ [IMO: DOL]


“ Fair and Balanced My @$$” On Wednesday night last (Jan 18th) FOX 5 the Washington DC arm of Fox News ran a scathing report on the new 52 from DC Comics claiming that children were being corrupted from reading today’s comics. Fox News long praising themselves as fair and balanced, ran a trailer for […]

IMO: Soleil Comics are just ace [HL:IMO]


ASH Everytime there is an opportunity to get away anywhere new, the first place to visit is a comic shop.  In the last few years some of the greatest little shops I have come across have been in France, Spain and Switzerland.  In some cases they’ve been small and pokey, but man did they stock […]

IN MY OPINION: Nast-y goings on New Jersey [PB:IMO]

Anti-Irish cartoon by Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast, one of the great American political cartoonists, who fearlessly exposed the corruption of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall in New York City the 1870s, not to mention creating Uncle Sam, the elephant and the donkey to symbolise the Republican and Democratic Parties and the modern look of Santa Claus, has been nominated to […]

IN MY OPINION: The Process Vs The Piece [TK:IMO]


  Landscape   Look at the image above. I want to tell you a few stories about it. This image was done with a dip pen and India ink. The scene is from the artist’s childhood. Its his grandmother’s house. He had no photos to reference and so had to rely totally on his memory […]

IN MY OPINION: Drawing Digitally [TK:IMO]

tkimo Continuing on the digital side of things that both me and David have talked about in previous columns I want to direct your attention to another area of digital comics. Or more precisely digital art in comics. About 90% of all Art I have ever created in my adult life have been digital in […]

IN MY OPINION: Reading And Collecting Moving Into A Digital Future [DOL:IMO]


Back in the winter of 1997 I was a junior cert student in Ennis. I was picking up comics from newsagents all over town. Random issues of Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers and Captain America could be found by walking to four or five different shops during my lunch break. I […]

IN MY OPINION: Digital Comics [TK:IMO]


Ya know, up until an IPAD 2 came into the house I didn’t really get digital comics. By “get” I mean, pay for or read. I know this must sounds slightly odd coming from a guy who has published mostly in the digital realm but it true. I had previously tried reading comics on the […]

IN MY OPINION: The Zen of Comics. [TK:IMO]


  The Zen of Comics. Or How to be happy while not quite being where you want to be.   In the words of Bjork “I’m no fucking Buddhist” but I do have very keen interest in their thought system and how they approach the problems of life. The fascinating thing about Buddhism is (as […]