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OUTSIDE VOICES: Abban Dunne’s On The Cheap!

Gary Reynolds

Penetrate the Internet and get Yourself a Professional Portfolio on the Cheap. Introduction Every creative should have a website but there are many factors why people don’t do it. Some people think that they have to pay thousands just to get their work online. While this is true if you want to have a fully […]

OUTSIDE VOICES: Damien Mulley’s Damage

Gary Reynolds

DAMAGE: Route around the old grey-haired white men There are three main links you can right click and open in a new tab as you start reading this meandering post. They’re worth it. The first link is to what is now a seminal article by Kevin Kelly called 1000 true fans where he riffs on the idea […]

OUTSIDE VOICES: Emmet O’ Neill on Stepping Out of The Niche.

Future of Irish Comics

Irish comics today The Irish comics industry has never been as strong. We have a wide range of talent working on a variety of increasingly polished self published titles. We have a growing small press/publishing industry. And we can boast world class talent contributing to mainstream comics globally. We have indigenous comics websites, podcasts and […]