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COMICS: Helpful rules for drawing comics by Alex Toth


  Alex Toth (American cartoonist – Space Ghost..among many others) has a great set of rules for drawing comics that are worth sharing (as outlined on his blog :   Eliminate the superfluous, the unnecessary. Be lazy! Edit your art continuously, at every stage. Save work! Focus on the remaining (important) picture elements. Emphasize what […]

VIDEO: Tommie Kelly: A Commision from start to finish


Some of you may be interested in this. It’s a video of me talking through how I worked on a commission piece for an EP cover art. It’s in HD too if you are into that sort of thing.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Lettering in Manga Studio Ex 4


Hope that helps some of you in some way. It’s a tad ramblely as per usual.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Manga Studio Basics Part 1


Starting Out With Manga Studio [Tutorial 1] from Tommie Kelly on Vimeo. This video is an introduction to using Manga Studio to draw Comics. It goes through Page set up, Pen and Pencil tools and how to use the Panel Ruler Layer. Not claiming any expertise, just showing how I use it and excuse my […]

ADVICE: Mike Oeming’s 22 Panels that always work Homage


Another post from the net that I thought would be helpful given the week that’s in it. This appears in issue 10 of Powers and is also HERE. I assume some of you are aware of the original Wally Wood version of this, but if not go do a google. CLICK FOR BIGGER

OUTSIDE VOICES: Abban Dunne’s On The Cheap!

Gary Reynolds

Penetrate the Internet and get Yourself a Professional Portfolio on the Cheap. Introduction Every creative should have a website but there are many factors why people don’t do it. Some people think that they have to pay thousands just to get their work online. While this is true if you want to have a fully […]

OUTSIDE VOICES: Damien Mulley’s Damage

Gary Reynolds

DAMAGE: Route around the old grey-haired white men There are three main links you can right click and open in a new tab as you start reading this meandering post. They’re worth it. The first link is to what is now a seminal article by Kevin Kelly called 1000 true fans where he riffs on the idea […]

OUTSIDE VOICES: Emmet O’ Neill on Stepping Out of The Niche.

Future of Irish Comics

Irish comics today The Irish comics industry has never been as strong. We have a wide range of talent working on a variety of increasingly polished self published titles. We have a growing small press/publishing industry. And we can boast world class talent contributing to mainstream comics globally. We have indigenous comics websites, podcasts and […]

ICAW: PJ Holden’s 10 MUST DO Comic Creator Strategies

Gary Reynolds

The comics industry is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. And to help you get a leg up from wannabe to professional, I’ve compiled a list of 10 MUST DO strategies:   At a convention, who has time to shower? Make an impression by having some lingering BO. Portfolios are at their most impressive […]

SPECIAL GUEST TUTORIAL: Writing For Comics With ‘Captain’ Ron Fortier


Today I am honored to welcome to ICN one of the most nicest men in comics. ‘Captain’ Ron Fortier is a comics vetern who may be best known for his run on The Green Hornet and being the writer for NOW Comics Terminator series that launched the career of Alex Ross. I first came across the […]

VIDEO: Moocu Press’ Lee Grace Guides Viewers Through A Full Page


Clonmel based publisher Moccu Press have added a video to You Tube featuring The Plight of the Wild Geese artist Lee Grace producing a page of art from start to finish. The video goes from initial sketch right through to final high resolution digital artwork. It was digitally painted using a Wacom tablet and Adobe […]

COURSE: Ten Week Course In Illustration & Writing In Cork In February


Ghost of Shandon creator Alan Corbett will be teaching a course on picture book illustration and writing at the Cork School of Business beginning February 11th. See below for the blog posting Alan put on his site recently for all the information. “Starting on the second week of February in the Cork School of Business […]

It’s Not Rocket Science by George Peter Gatsis – Going Digital For Less Than $200


  FROM: I have been producing/publishing Canada’s first computer generated comic book ( The Black Diamond Effect ) since 1990. It is also the first comic book to be produced with nearly 100% vector based graphics! Unlike everyone else at the time who was generating bitmapped graphics of various quality… vector was and still […]

The Submission Guidelines for every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe


I found this website ages ago and probably unwisely assumed that everyone knew about it, so if you haven’t seen it before, this is an extremely useful resource. THE BIG 4 COMIC PUBLISHERS DARK HORSE still welcomes your submissions, and all submissions will still be reviewed. Dark Horse has one of the most […]

IN MY OPINION: The Zen of Comics. [TK:IMO]


  The Zen of Comics. Or How to be happy while not quite being where you want to be.   In the words of Bjork “I’m no fucking Buddhist” but I do have very keen interest in their thought system and how they approach the problems of life. The fascinating thing about Buddhism is (as […]

Tutorial: Advice about self publishing

Self Publishing

Advice about self publishing by Jenika Ioffreda. – Make a website of your comic book.  Make it simple, clear, easy to navigate and keep it updated with news, previews of new material and so on: people must be interested in coming back for more. The best is doing it in HTML, try to avoid flash: […]

TUTORIAL: How to follow webcomics

Google Reader subscribed

How do you follow webcomics? That might seem like a silly question. But if you’re relying on remembering when they update and visiting the site, you’re very likely to forget, and if the webcomic in question is a serial you’ll fall behind, and is it worth the bother trying to catch up? Even if it’s […]

TUTORIAL: Beginners Thumbnailing for Comics


Beginners Thumbnailing for Comics by Archie Templar.  Okay. So before I start, I have to remind myself that this article is about thumbnails and thumbnails only, as the temptation is always there to meander and link one aspect of making comics to another and before you know it you have a directionless piece that attempts […]

TUTORIALS: Making Your Line Art Blue

Blue Line Art

Making your line art blue. By Kevin Logue A very popular way of inking these days is to ink over the top of a print out of the pencils converted to blue. Your scanner when set to pick up black and white, will magically ignore the blue lines. So heres a way of converting your […]

TUTORIAL: Shanley on Writing for Comics

Shanley on Writing

WRITING COMIC STRIPS – BASIC RULES As a writer, I’m usually working on scripts for visual media such as films or comics. I’ve never been paid to write a comic and probably never will. Despite this, I still put a lot of thought into what I’m doing when I’m writing scripts for comics. When I’m […]

TUTORIAL: Finding your Place By Kevin Logue

Find Your Place

Finding your Place By Kevin Logue If I could go back a few years and give myself one piece of advice when I started making comics, it would be to find my area within comics and stick with it. When I started drawing comics I took on all art duties, you kind of have to […]

TUTORIALS: Tips and tricks for Brush and Nib By Davy Francis

Brush and Nib

Tips and tricks for Brush and Nib By Davy Francis What I do when I get a new bottle of ink is, I cut off a corner off one of those little household sponges you use in the kitchen(cut just a little snip-slightly larger than what you can pinch of the sponge corner, but enough […]

TUTORIAL: How to make a PAYPAL “Buy It Now” Button for your Digital Comic


This is a tutorial on how to make a PAYPAL BUY NOW button so that people can purchase your PDF Digital Comic from your blog and then have the file automatically download for them when they finish paying. Ok start by loggin into your account. I assume you already have a paypal account. If not […]