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2Dcast Episode 40: How about that MCM Expo ?


In this episode Team 2dcast cast their eye over the recent MCM Comic-Con in Dublin looking at both the positive and the negatives. We discuss the life and death of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR, ( barely) review some new comics and make promises about future episodes that we WILL NOT KEEP. A fun episode so check […]

2DCast Episode 39 with special guest Ruth Redmond!!!!!

2d podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of the 2DCast!!! In this episode we make our pre Wrestlemania predictions, we talk movies ( chiefly Godzilla and The Winter Soldier), we review the latest issues of Ghost Rider and Inhuman, we discuss Bobby’s forthcoming WEDDING , and a bunch more. We also have the opportunity to finally talk […]

The 2dcast Annual 2013

2dcast christmas annual (1)

Christmas is coming , the goose is getting fat, but not as fat as this fat ass 2dcast review of the year. Were joined via skype by the cream of the Irish comics scene( and also Robert Carey) to discuss the years happenings and to give you our views on the pick of what has […]

2dcast Episode36.1 with special guests Simon Furman , Geoff Senior, Will Simpson, Mike Collins and Herb Trimpe.


Recorded Live in Sandinos at the 2d Festival, host Ciaran Flanagan is joined by the creative team who helped make the UK version of Marvels The Transformers one of the most unique succsess stories in comics history. The esteemed panel cover numerous topics including creative process, letters pages, editorial battles , PACIFIC RIM, the Michael […]

2dcast Episode 35 With special guest Davy Francis.

Team 2dcast ventured to the “bright lights “of Belfast to attend the Belly Laughs festivals presentation of “Comic Capers with Davy Francis and Chums”. Whilst there we had a chance to sit down and chat the news of the day with Comedian Lorcan Mc Grane and to discuss the career of the man of the hour himself, Davy Francis. Topics include the late great Oink, Red Dwarf, the leaked Godzilla trailer, Stephen King’s sequal to The Shining, plus lots more.
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2Dcast Episode 34: DICE to see you, to see you DICE


How was DICE? What are the best and worst finales of long running TV shows? Is Agents of Shield any cop? Has Breaking Bad ruined TV for us forever? Is Nick Roche now officially the jammiest man alive . All will be revealed in the latest senses shattering episode of the 2dcast.   Reviews: Transformers […]

2Dcast Episode 33: MCM Expo you say?


Marvel is re branding, Lobo is sexy, Didio is cracking up and it looks like there’s a turf war brewing. Tonight on Mc Guyver…Mc Guyver…..Mc Guyver. Actually we do discuss all the above in the episode in a non partisan and adult way. Plus the usual reviews ad factually questionable banter. Reviewed in this episode: […]

2Dcast Episode 32.1 : The Losers 10th anniversary discussion from 2d.


In this special edition of the 2dcast Vertigo editor Will Dennis is joined by Jock and Andy Diggle in a candid discussion about the creation, the history and the development of The Losers. Also covered is the development of the movie, concept design work for Battleship, and also how Jason Aaron got his start in […]

2Dcast Episode 32: (very late) Dublin Comic Con coverage


In this episode we are joined by our ROI correspondent Ciaran Marcantonio who fills us in on exactly what we missed at this years Dublin Comic con. We talk up the latest Marvel casting news, wonder about the voval talents of Vincent Diesel , discuss exactly what a “ Bradley Cooper “ is and a […]

2Dcast Episode 31.1 : Irish Comics Panel from 2D Festival


We are always grateful to receive feedback suggestions or plugs [email protected] Follow us on The “Twitter”. @the2dcast @freebirdswing @misanthrobert Please enjoy this special edition of the 2dcast, the Irish comic scene discussion from this years 2d Festival. Our republic of Ireland correspondent Ciaran Marcantonio talks the Irish scene with a cavalcade of guests including: Robert […]

2Dcast Episode 31: Belfast Comic Creators


Were proud to announce that this episode of the 2Dcast is the first Irish comics podcast recorded  at a speed of greater than 35mph. As we travel to the monthly meeting of the Belfast comic Creators group aboard the 212 service from Derry we offer up our usual reviews and nonsense . We the discuss […]

2Dcast Episode 30: With Special Guest Pete Hernandez


In this intrepid episode of the 2dcast we turn our focus towards the small press scene and cast our eyes over the cream of the UK and Irish independent circuit. We talk up the latest news about the ( at this case purely hypothetical ) Dredd sequel, The Avengers sequel and various other movie related […]

2Dcast Episode 29: With Special Guest Neil Gibson


Back from our summer sabbatical, and full of vim and vinegar we welcome you to the first episode of the new season of the 2dcast. In this episode we share our 2d Festival memories, look at June’s comics sails figures and check in from the excellent London Film and Comic Con. We also talk to […]

PODCAST: 2D Festival 2013 : Episode Omega Featuring Guest of Honour Jordie Bellaire


In the conclusion to our coverage of the 2013 Festival we are joined by the (now traditional) multitude of guests outside Sandino’s in Derry. Guests include: Jordie Bellaire, Tony Lee, Declan Shalvey, Ciaran Marcantonio, Will Sliney, Stephen Mooney, Kevin Logue, PJ Holden, and dozens more. Thanks for your support of the 2d Festival and of […]

PODCAST: 2D Festival 2013 Day 4 in conversation with HERB TRIMPE


The word “legend” is thrown around in the comics industry today as if it were so much confetti, but we are fairly sure that in this case that the justification is sound  as we are joined by legendary Marvel comics creator and 2d Festival guest of honour HERB TRIPE~! Recorded during the 2D Festival closing […]



The 2DCast team return to their home from home on the steps of the Derry driving licence office to chew the fat with ( most) of the Lightning Strike team. We talk about their work , movies , but mostly is shouting and swearing. We should point out that due to the late night nature […]

PODCAST: 2D Festival 2013 Day 2 with Gary Erskine , Mhari Stewart and Kevin Logue

2dcast image

With great apologies for the lateness we present to you 2d Festival 2013 day two . In this episode we are joined firstly by husband and wife team supreme Gary Erskine and Mhairi Stewart. We discuss their childrens arts workshops, Garys work on THE FILTH, Howard The Duck , Buckeroo Banzai, motion comics, 3d vs […]

PODCAST: 2D Festival 2013 Day 1with Dan Berry and Alan Nolan


2D Festival 2013 Day 1 With the first days workshops over we had an opportunity to have a chat with podcaster, academic, comics creator and all round nice guy Dan Berry about his work We also had a talk with perennial Irish scene favourite Alan Nolan about today’s workshops, his forthcoming work and most importantly […]

PODCAST: 2D Festival 2013 Alpha

alpha photo

2D Festival 2013 Alpha IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!!!! Well actually it all starts tomorrow, but nonetheless the 2dcast team are here to give you a short preamble to this year’s 2d Festival with the first of FIVE podcast this week.  Nothing in particular here just a bit of festival info and ting. Its only ten […]

2Dcast Episode 28: With Special Guests Gar Shanley, Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh.


As the last minute panic grows ever stronger we chat with newly announced 2d Festival guest Gar Shanley who tells us about the brand new Courageous Mayhem anthology. We  have a spoiler ( and rant) filled review of the fantastic Star Trek Into Darkness. We also talk To Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh about The […]

2Dcast Episode 27.1: 2d Festival 2012 Panel discussion


2dcast Episode 27.1: 2d Festival 2012 Panel discussion As a preview to this year’s festival we present a recording of one of last year’s panel discussions looking at cultural differences and how they relate to comics properties. Chair Chris Thompson hosts a line-up that includes Chris Ryall (Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing […]

2Dcast Episode 26: Dare to be stupid with Nick Roche!!!!!

Nick pic

  In a break from the norm we devote the entire episode to a candid chat with long-time friend of the 2dCast and Transformers main man Nick Roche. This episode is mostly Bobby, Nick, and myself fawning over comics about a range of Japanese toys, so if you’re not into that possibly give this a […]

2Dcast Episode 26: With Special Guest MR TONY LEE!!!!!!!


Recorded pre Wrestlemania by an open fire and ironically hot on the heels of the finally released 2dfestival website and guest list it’s the 26th episode of Irelands Number 4 comic’s podcast. As well as discussions on Andy Diggles walkabout, Marvels artist rotation and the sad deaths of the last week, we are joined over […]

PODCAST: 2Dcast Episode 25 [BETTER AUDIO]


It’s a short 2dcast this week as we prepare ourselves for a guest heavy 8 week buildup to the festival. We discuss Will Sliney vs WWE Superstar , Walking Dead finale , Winter soldier casting and we review Lightning Strike , and Earth Ruler . Email us at [email protected] Please follow us on the Twitters […]

2Dcast Episode 24 : All Filler No Killer with HALF PAST DANGER REVIEW!!!!!!!


Why not make your Good Friday a great Friday, by listening to this unedited and uncut 2dcast ? Happy Easter and enjot the final weekend of Irish Comic Book Month Reviewed in this Episode : Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney. Captian Marvel Issue 11 X-Termination Alpha Issue 1 Avengers Arena Issue 6 More Links […]

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