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COVER ART: Atomic Diner’s The Renegades #1


Rob Curley posted the Barry Keegan variant cover to The Renegades #1 due in 2014 online a bit back. The Renegades is an all female team set in Ireland during the 1930s. Team members include, Blood Rose, Jennifer Wilde, Emerald Scorpion and the Goddess Morrigan.

REVIEW: League Of Volunteers #3


League of Volunteers Written by: Rob Curley Art by: Barry Keegan, Victor Moya, Rob Carey Published by: Atomic Diner Reviewed by: David Ferguson This is part three of a three part story. In previous issues, a group of Nazi scientists brought Bocanach from the spirit world to do their bidding. He quickly dispatches them and […]

COVER ART: Barry Keegan’s League of Volunteers Alternative cover



IMO: ICBM lecture last Thursday in Trinity!


By BARRY KEEGAN. I feel that I wanted to Acknowledge Irish Comic Book Month and all the efforts put in across the community. This is a written report from my point of view and impressions on last Thursday’s Lecture in Trinity College. When I first seen Irish Comic book Month mentioned on Irish Comic News […]

What’s up: Barry Keegan


Creator owned day was yesterday and we were all blessed with a rich selection of creator owned art. One in particular stood out for me. It was Barry “League of Volunteers” Keegan’s piece. Not least because he made me aware of it, which is something that I really want to encourage you all to do. […]

NEWS: Alan Nolan Talks To ICN About New League of Volunteers 3 Issue Arc


Alan Nolan announced on facebook earlier this week that he would be taking over writing duties for an arc on Atomic Diner’s League of Volunteers. We got a hold of Alan last night to get all the info on the arc and I began by asking him how long the arc is and who will […]

NEW League Of Volunteers out March!


The League Of volunteers new story arch  is due for release March of this year with interior art by Stephen Byrne [ Roisin Dubh ]. Posted above is a rough sketch of Barry Keegan’s variant cover for the first issue.

ART: Rykaal Earthruler Art From Barry Keegan

Rykaal Image

DOT Comics Darrin O’Toole has shared some art online from League of Volunteers artist Barry Keegan featuring Earthruler character Rykaal which you can see below. Earthruler is an upcoming book from DOT Comics and will be drawn by Shawn Langley.

COVER ART: League Of Volunteers #3 Completed 1555 Variant Cover


Via the Atomic Diner facebook page comes the completed 1555 variant covger to League of Volunteers #3 by Rob Curley and Barry Keegan. The highly popular book has recieved widespread acclaim since its release as the first of the new line of Atomic Diner titles that include Jennifer Wilde, Roisin Dubh and the upcoming Black […]

ART: League Of Volunteers #3 Variant Cover Pencils


Barry Keegan has posted the pencils of the variant cover to League of Volunteers #3 on his blog. The Atomic Diner heavyweight book has landed to widespread critical acclaim with the first issue going to a third printing. The cover according to Keegan’s description is a League from the mid 1550′s. Take a look at […]

NEWS: Rob Carey Joins League Of Volunteers With Issue #3


Atomic Diner have announced that Rob Carey will join the League of Volunteers with issue three in a dual artists role with regular artist Barry Keegan. Beginning with issue four Carey will take over the book while Keegan takes time away to write a two parter for the League that will hit in late 2012. […]

ART: League Of Volunteers #3 Page By Barry Keegan


Rob Curley has tweeted an update to the progress of the third issue of the popular League of Volunteers book out of Atomic Diner. He says that work on the book is continuing apace and he said that in this issue Fionn takes on the demon! Takea look below for some art from the issue […]

NEWS: Galway Signing For Curley and Keegan


UPDATE: The date below is wrong as it has been changed to September [date to be confirmed] to allow for the return of the student population. Barry is doing a signing in the Dublin shop on Sat August 20th. Following on from the news that Barry Keegan will be in Sub City Dublin to do […]

Events: Barry Keegan Signing in August


Via the Atomic Diner Facebook page, League of Volunteers artist Barry Keegan will be doing a signing in Sub City Dublin on August 20th from 1pm to 4pm. Pop by and say hello and get a copy of the book signed by one of the most exciting artists in Ireland today. The League of Volunteers […]

REVIEW: League of Volunteers #1


With the release of the second issue of League of Volunteers due soon, I present a review of the first issue I wrote this Spring for ComicRelated. THE LEAGUE OF VOLUNTEERS #1 Cover Date: February 2011 Story by: Robert Curley Art by: Barry Keegan Letters by: Comicraft Cover by: Barry Keegan Publisher: Atomic Diner Cover Price: […]