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PREVIEW: Stephen Mooneys ‘The End of Days’


Up on the blog of Stephen Mooney this week is news that he is on the last few pages of his Issue 1 of Half Past Danger.  The bonus news however, is that he’ll be making a preview issue available for a sneak peak on the weekend, at the 2D Festival in Derry, where he’ll […]

ART: Will Slineys epic Boba Fett


Fantastic poster for Boba Fett on but go visit Wills blog for other treats such as The Joker and Skeletor.

PREVIEW: Another sneaky peek at Stephen Thompsons comic


On the eclectic micks blog Stephen Thompson teased us with another sneaky peek at the personal project comic he is working on.  Another smashing panel, and if this is any indication to what is in store for the entire thing, we’re in for a real treat! Check it out below but go visit for […]

COMICS: Stephen Thompsons teaser artwork


Stephen Thompsons creator owned project is well underway it seems, and with some of the teaser art released on the eclectic micks blog it is going to be amazing to say the least.  Here is this weeks posting by Stephen but make sure to check out his blog for more updates :

ART: This Weeks Pick Of The Micks


Via the popular Eclectic Micks blog here are the best posts of the last week: Laura Viers by Tomm Moore Granny Goodness by Len O’Grady ‘Snappy Snaps’ by Nick Roche The Scathach by Will Sliney Satana by Declan Shalvey Elizabeth Huntington-Moss by Stephen Mooney First Date by Tomm Moore

ART: This Weeks Pick Of The Micks


Take a look at some of the best pieces of art from the past week over on the Eclectic Micks blog where the Cu Chulainn theme continued for most of the week. Stephen Mooney’s Cu Chulainn Declan Shalvey’s Cu Chulainn Stacey Lee’s Cu Chulainn  Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s Cu Chulainn Len O’Grady’s Beholder from Dungeons and […]

ART: The Best Of The Week From The Eclectic Micks


Take a look below at some of the best images from the Eclectic Micks blog this week featuring contributions from Ireland’s top pros. Check out the blog for many more cool images: Dr. Manhatten from Stephen Thompson Will Sliney’s Gambit Declan Shalvey’s Wonder Woman Stephen Mooney’s creator owned Ishikawa Minamoto Nick Roche’s Drift

ART: Shalvey’s Beta Ray Bill on Eclectic Micks


Following suggestions from Twitter, Declan Shalvey’s contribution to the Eclectic Micks this week is Beta Ray BIll. Pretty nifty actually.

ART: Mooney Black Panther {Eclectic Micks}

Black Panther

CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO FULL POST Mooney describes the image: “Sketched this up over the weekend, I really like the current look of the character where he’s kind of decked out in parts of SWAT gear over his regular costume.”

ART: Eclectic Micks Updates


Declan Shalvey posted his version of Wildthing HERE. And Stephen Mooney posted some character dsigns for his creator owned Half Past Danger  HERE

ART: Tomm Moore’s Setanta


On the Sunday edition of the Eclectic Micks blog Tomm Moore has posted a wonderful image of Setanta after he has slayed the famous wolf with a sliothar. It really is a beautiful image.  Check it out below:  

ART: Shalvey’ Bucky [Eclectic Micks]

Shavley Bucky

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST ON THE ECLECTIC MICKS SITE Decland Shalvey posted a Bucky as Cap image over on the Eclectic Micks Site. Great colours by Jordie Bellaire too

ART: Mooney Batman [Eclectic Micks]

Mooney Batman

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Stephen Mooney did a Batman for  MOONDOG MONDAYS over on the Eclectic Micks Blog

ART: Nick Roche’s Pus

Mick Pus

Nick Roche has posted a pic on the Eclectic Micks site. It is of Pus, the bare nuckle bastard penguin. I for one want to see this comic now!

ART: Thompson’s King [Eclectic Micks]


CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Stephen Thompson has posted this rather impressive King image from a current unnamed project.

ART: Hobgoblin by Shalvey [Eclectic Micks]


CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Declan Shalvey poted his version of the HobGoblin over on The Micks Site

ART: Mooney’s Katana Girl [Eclectic Micks]

Mooneys katana Girl

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Stephen Mooney likes Katanas and Women. From  ECLECTIC MICKS

ART: Thompson Storyboard Art [Eclectic Micks]


CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Stephen Thomson has posted a piece of storyboard art over on the Eclectic Micks Blog. Go see.

ART: Eclectic Micks Updates

Eclectic Micks

Will Sliney and Declan Shalvey have posted new images to the Eclectic Micks Blog. Click the image above to go to the blog or see SLINEY’S HERE or SHAVLEY’S HERE

NEWS: Nick Roches’s Wolverine on a my little Pony

I'm on a pony

CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO POST One of the many highlights from 2D this year was Nick Roche’s Wolverine on a My Little Pony (new design). He posted it over on the Eclectic Micks Blog. Go look.  

NEWS: Stephen Thompson Alien on Eclectic Micks


NEWS: Nick Roche’s Ninja Turtle


Nick Roche posted this fantastic Ninja Turtle and another that he did at the 2D festival over on Eclectic Micks.