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Gar Shanley’s FOXES will be on RTE this Monday at 11.15 pm


The 2012 IFTA Winner of Best Short Film “Foxes” written by Gar Shanley (Superheros Showcase, Supernatural Showcase, Fugger etc.) will be aired on RTE 2 this coming Monday at 11.15pm. I managed to get my hands on a copy last year, and it really is great. What’s it about?: “A young couple trapped in a […]

2Dcast Episode 28: With Special Guests Gar Shanley, Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh.


As the last minute panic grows ever stronger we chat with newly announced 2d Festival guest Gar Shanley who tells us about the brand new Courageous Mayhem anthology. We  have a spoiler ( and rant) filled review of the fantastic Star Trek Into Darkness. We also talk To Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh about The […]

COMICS ON ICN: Why Don’t You Call

Page 1

The fourth installment on Comics on ICN is a cracker from the pages of 2012′s Romantic Mayhem. Written by Gar Shanley with art by Archie Templar, ‘Why Won’t He Call’ is a biting satire that was one of the books standout strips. Take a look below and if you haven’t read Romantic Mayhem yet why not go buy […]

50 Reasons to love Ireland – No.5 IRISH SUPERHEROES!!

5 reasons

Well begorrah! Would you look at the top 5 in the ’50 reasons to love Ireland’ section of The Irish Times.  It seems that despite the gloom, miserably relentless rain and endless IMF conversations there is a silver lining of hope in the form of the great comics we produce. Phil Barrett, Paddy Lynch, Rob […]



  HOW ARE YOU? Grand. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Just left a long post on my blog – the people’s blog. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON, COMIC WISE, AT THE MINUTE? I am finishing off editing the new National Tragedy anthology called Courageous Mayhem that includes many Irish small press comic types. […]



A sequel of sorts to 2012’s astonishingly sexy Romantic Mayhem, the National Tragedy team have once again come together and pooled their skills and passion into creating the upcoming COURAGEOUS MAYHEM! COURAGEOUS MAYHEM! is a 68 page comic inspired by the Hotspur, Victor and Warlord boy’s annuals of yesteryear. Harking back to a time when […]

EVENT: Comic Book and Collectors’ Fair in Belfast on Sunday

Haymarket Arcade Belfast - Comic Book and Collectors' Fayre

This Sunday, 9 December, there’s a Comic Book and Collectors’ Fayre being held in Avalon Arts in the Haymarket Arcade, Royal Avenue, Belfast, from 12 noon to 6.30pm. Confirmed guests include local creators like myself (Paddy Brown) and Andy Luke, and top talent from further afield including Gar Shanley, Paddy Lynch and the Lightning Strike […]

REPORT: 2012 – The Year Of The Irish Comic Part 2 of 3


In part two of our report into the comic scene in Ireland in 2012 we start off with May. This month was a busy month for comics with 6 different releases that we’ll highlight below through to August’s books. May A Day In The Life: The Book is a manic, most definitely adult intended book that […]

REPORT: 2012 – The Year Of The Irish Comic Part 1 of 3

Zombies Hi issue 5

It could be just me and I doubt it, but 2012 was an epic year for Irish comics. The amount of content that was published was hereto before unseen and the quality of product was amazing. So to give you an idea of what went on in the Irish comic scene this year I’m going to give […]

REVIEW: Supernatural Showcase

s cover

Supernatural Showcase Gar Shanley and Cathal Dougan Review by Ciaran Flanagan   Gar Shanley and Cathal Dougan are two very sick men, and I mean this in the nicest possible way. The team that brought us the top-notch comic satire of Superhero Showcase have teamed up once more to bring us the paranormally-themed Supernatural Showcase, […]

FUNDIT: Gods and Monsters of the Future

gronio cropped levelled

Emma Rowe and Elida Maiques of the Tinderbox Network are looking for funding via Fund:It for a new book called Gods and Monsters of the Future. It’s inspired by the documentary Into Eternity, about a nuclear storage facility in Finland that has been sealed for 100,000 years, and it’ll include poetry, short stories, comics and […]

ICAW: Our Top 50 Posts From Our First Year


Have a look at the most clicked on posts from our first year where we published, with this one, 1349 posts to date, had almost 160,000 visits and almost 900 comments. Everyone at ICN would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to visit our site this past year and we hope […]

IMO: COMICS – Boys Vs Girls by Gar Shanley


BOYS VERSUS GIRLS The triumph of one was not dependent on the failure of the other but if there was a war between comics for girls and comics for boys then the boys comics won. Mainstream comics today have their roots in fare that was designed to appeal to young males. That is why you […]

REVIEW: National Tragedy’s Romantic Mayhem


It is no secret that the heyday of Romance Comics is well past. Romance Comics were one of the core genres in comics that exploded after World War2 inthe US and its popularity was immense right through to he beginning of the industry self imposed Comics Code Authority in 1954. Although the genre continued in […]

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Andy Luke Talks To Gar Shanley About New Book ‘Romantic Mayhem’

Romantic Mayhem cover

With the release of a new anthology of Irish comics along the theme of romance, I pulled up a candlelight and soup for a date with editor and publisher, Gar “Uncle Fugger” Shanley. Andy Luke: You’ve assembled sixteen Irish artists to pull together 52 pages of love comics. From my view, it seems they’re drawing […]

NEWS: Longstone Comics artists to feature in new comic ‘Romantic Mayhem’


Longstone Comics artists are a few artists to be featured in an upcoming comic Romantic Mayhem, which is a comic being created by the brainchild of Superhero Showcase creator Gar Shanley. It will feature contributing art by Ian Pettitt, Deirdre de Barra and ICN’s Hilary Lawler according to the Longstone site.  The collaborative comic will feature a […]

NEWS: Fugger and Foxes Film


It seems that Windell Comics writer Gar Shanley is a man of many talents.  Although he is mostly known for his writing on and collaborating with Cathal Duggan for the wonderful and strange world that is Windell, his most recent project has crossed over into writing for film. Foxes, tells the tale of a […]

Happy Christmas from Crap Man




  Its sad news round here that both Andy and Gar are leaving the ICN steering commitee. They have been instrumental in the success of ICN and a huge thanks must go out to them. Both Andy and Gar are leaving to spend more time on their personal projects and goals and we here at […]



IVAN BRUNETTI: CARTOONING, PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE reviewed by Gar Shanley. No, this book isn’t Irish but it might help people who are Irish so I thought I’d review it. I bought Ivan Brunetti’s short book Cartooning, Philosophy and Practice yesterday and I’ve already finished it. The author wouldn’t appreciate this speedy approach to the book […]

TUTORIAL: Shanley on Writing for Comics

Shanley on Writing

WRITING COMIC STRIPS – BASIC RULES As a writer, I’m usually working on scripts for visual media such as films or comics. I’ve never been paid to write a comic and probably never will. Despite this, I still put a lot of thought into what I’m doing when I’m writing scripts for comics. When I’m […]

REVIEW: Superhero Showcase


SUPERNATURAL SHOWCASE Story by: Gar Shanley Art by: Cathal Duggan Letters by: Cathal Duggan Publisher: Windell Comics Cover Price: €6.00 Reviewed By: David O’ Leary This book is the precursor to Supernatural Showcase also from Shanley and Duggan. A couple of years old now to be sure but all the same it deserves a mention […]

REVIEW: Supernatural Showcase


SUPERNATURAL SHOWCASE Story by: Gar Shanley Art by: Cathal Duggan Letters by: Cathal Duggan Publisher: Windell Comics Cover Price: €6.00 Reviewed By: David O’ Leary This book from Windell Comics is a follow on from the previous book from Windell Comics, Superhero Showcase. Here the 50’s and 60’s horror comics of days long since past […]

EVENT: What is Comic Barcamp?


I awoke in the dead of night to find Andy Luke at the bottom of my bed again. “I’m thinking of arranging a Comics Barcamp”, he whispered. “What’s a Barcamp?” I asked.   He answered: “ describes it as ‘an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open […]

ART: Shanley by Kelly


I have been so busy over the last few days getting the site designed and content uploaded that I have been neglecting my “DRAW EVERY FUCKING DAY” motto. So here is a quick sketch I did of my good frend and comic genius Gar Shanley done in Manga Studio in about 10 minutes. I hope […]