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Gavin McCumiskey has announced on Facebook that more Innocent Tales are on the way in January: Innocent Tales #2 is nearly ready to go to print and will be available in January 2014 – I will update you when I get it back from the printers and how you can get your hands on a […]

FEATURE: 2013 The Year That Was Part 3


Welcome back to ICN’s run down of releases for 2013. We have the first two parts of the feature posted here and here. Just as before, whilst every effort was made to include what we knew was released, there may be someone who may have been excluded. If you know of anyone who should be in […]

Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… GER HANKEY


After a week (or two) hiatus (thank you real life!), I give you seven questions with Ger Hankey. What was the first comic work you did that was published? The first published comic work I did was the first issue of Celtic Knights with Stephen Coffey back in 2008. Although I did have a picture […]

UPCOMING: Innocent Tales #1


August 10th will see the release of Innocent Tales #1 from Green Monkey Comics. A facebook page has been set up to follow progress on the book and some of the teaser highlights so far are outlined below.!/GreenMonkeyComics?fref=ts Black & White Cover Virgin Cover Art by Tommie Kelly Monkfight teaser art by Ger Hankey Saviour […]


Innocent Tales #1 Cover

Above is the cover for Innocent tales #1 by Tommie Kelly Innocent Tales #1is an anthology comic being published by Green Monkey Comics, with  an expected date of publishing is August 2013. All stories will be written  by Gavin McCumiskey with various artist working on the different tales. Ger Hankey (@Gerdrawsstuff) is artist on Monkfight,  […]

COMICS ON ICN: The Adventures Of Cat Cassidy Part 2 (of 2)

CC Page 6

Presented below for your enjoyment is the conclusion to The Adventures of Cat Cassidy by Ger Hankey. Click on the pages below for a higher resolution image of each page. As we said on Sunday, you can keep up with updates on the production of the fourth issue of the acclaimed Short Sharp Shocks which is […]

COMICS ON ICN: The Adventures Of Cat Cassidy Part 1 (of 2)

CC Page 1

The next installment on ICN’s newest feature to showcase Ireland’s diverse comic scene highlights The Adventures of Cat Cassidy from the superb Ger Hankey. This strip which will be shown over two parts originally saw print in Short Sharp Shocks #3. With the news that production on the fourth issue of the acclaimed Short Sharp […]

COVER ART: Abandoned Comics BlackStar Book 1

BlackStar Book 1 Cover

Abandoned Comics have released the cover art for the first book of BlackStar. The issue will be written by Mike Lynch with art by Dwayne Moloney and Trystan Mitchell. The cover was provided by Short Sharp Shocks writer/artist Ger Hankey. This will be the first English book featuring BlackStar following its debut in the pages of […]

2DCAST: Episode 12


  2DCast Episode 12 with special guest Ger Hankey Up from the depths, 30 Stories High, Breathing Fire , it Head in the sky……its the monstrous twelfth episode of the 2dcast, and were talking IDW’S GODZILLA , Dredd 3d and it anaemic box office performance, the resolution of The Walking Dead lawsuit and a most […]

ART: New Ger Hankey Character Designs


Via the Sketch Paddys blog comes some character designs from Ger Hankey. As usual they have piqued the interest so when we have info on the project we’ll let you know. Captain Skronk General Taiger  

ART: Ger Hankey’s Michelangelo


Over on the sketch Paddys blog comes Ger Hankey’s 2D inspired Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle Michelangelo. Take a look below, it’s great.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Ger Hankey’s Short Sharp Shocks #3

Front Cover Preview

Prior to the latest issues release of Short Sharp Shocks at the 2D festival this weekend, Ger Hankey has kindly given ICN a sneak peak at the new book. The anthology book done in its entirety by Ger and to date the first two issues of the series are among my favourite books by any indie Irish creator […]

REVIEW: Lightning Strike Presents #1


At Kapow Con in London today (Saturday), the eagerly awaited Lightning Strike Comics anthology went on sale. Below is a review that I wrote of the book that appeared on earlier today. Lightning Strike Presents #1 Written by: Various Art by: Various Published by: Lightning Strike Comics Cost: €5 REVIEW: Lightning Strike is the new […]

ART: Ger Hankey’s Short Sharp Shocks Covers

Front Cover Preview

Via the Sketch Paddys blog today comes Ger Hankey’s cover to his anthology book Short Sharp Shocks #3. In the post Ger explains that he has also redesigned the covers to the fist two issues as well, “I realised that I wasn’t happy with the fact that the cover was so different from the first […]

ART: Ger Hankey’s Mr. Incredible


Via the Sketch Paddys blog, Ger Hankey has posted a great pin up of Mr. Incredible. As Ger explained in his comment with the piece, “I always thought his old suit was much better than his boring red one.” Take a look below.

ART: Ger Hankey’s X-Wing


Ger Hankey recently posted a black and white image on the Sketch Paddys blog of a Star Wars X-Wing. Well, he has now posted a great digitally coloured version of that same image to the Paddys blog which you can see below.  

ART: Ger Hankey’s Watchmen Skit


Ger Hankey’s most recent Sketch Paddys post features the Watchmen on the back of DC’s announcement that the Watchmen are coming back to comics. It’s pretty funny and you can see it below.

NEWS: Ger Hankey’s Short Sharp Shocks #3 Latest


Sketch Paddys contributor Ger Hankey is working on the next issue of his anthology series Short Sharp Shocks with a view of having the book done in time for the coming convention season. The format will be roughly the same as issue two with 4 stories totalling about 32 pages. The issue will be latest […]

ART: Ger Hankey’s Line Art Cover To Abandoned Comics Black Star #1


Both the Sketch Paddys blog and the Abandoned Blog have both posted line art for the cover to Abandoned Comics first issue of upcoming title Black Star. A spin off of the character that first saw print in Coimici Gael’s Irish language anthology Ri Ra will see print in English for the first time under the […]

ART: Ger Hankey’s Hybrid Page 1 Artwork For Lightning Strike Anthology

Hybrid Page 1 Line Art

As the first Lightning Strike anthology book comes together for an early 2012 release, Ger Hankey has shown the first page of art from one of two stories he is doing for the issue on the Sketch Paddys blog. Hybrid is one story of two that Hankey will be contributing to the issue. And this […]

NEWS: New Anthology Comic From Lightening Strike Comics in 2012


Lightening Strikes Comics are a new venture established recently in Dublin by Eoin McAuley. With the help of Dublin City Comics & Collectibles and pop culture podcast Boomstick, they plan on producing a comic anthology that will see print in 2012. Check out their fledgling website here: and take a look below at an early character […]

ART: Ger Hankey’s Hulk


Via the excellent Sketch Paddys blog Ger Hankey has posted his version of the Hulk.

ART: Ger Hankey’s Obi Wan Kenobi


Take a look below at Ger Hankey’s take on Star Wars character Obi Wan Kenobi via the Sketch Paddys blog. As Ger describes him as his: “pick of the only Star Wars character to survive all six films with his hands still attached to his body. Granted, he was dead half the time, but still… […]

ART: Sketch Paddys Updates

Sketch Paddys

Rob Carey and Ger Hankey have postedupdates on the Sketch Paddys Blog. Rob gives us a further Band of Butchers preview CLICK HERE And Ger gives us Jayne from Firefly  CLICK HERE

ART: Sketch Paddys UPDATES

Sketch Paddys

Both Robert Carey and Ger Hankey has posted artwork on the Sketch Paddy Blog.