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ART: John Cullen Embarks On New 365 Day Comic Plan

John Cullen

Back in 2011 and 2012 John Cullen met his mark on producing 365 one page comics for his blog all in the space of 12 months, some of which we covered here at ICN at the time. Well, he’s at it again and has this month embarked on a second wave of page a day […]

NEWS: New Comic Heroes Magazine Reviews John Cullen’s Daily Doodles


The new issue of Comic Heroes Magazine in its small press section has run a review of John Cullen’s Daily Doodles which were covered in the later stages by ICN last year when it came to an end in early November. The Daily Doodle was a challenge that John set himself of doing 365 daily […]

ICN EXCLUSIVE: John Cullen’s New Webcomic From


County Clare artist John Cullen begins a new venture tomorrow when his new webcomic written by SFX’s Rob Power will begin a weekly webcomic on the popular pop culture web site SFX. Cullen, coming off a big achievement where he completed 365 consecutive art blog posts ending last year, has provided ICN with exclusive art sans […]

NEWS: John Cullen Reaches Milestone Of 365 Daily Strips In A Year


Clare born artist John Cullen reached a milestone yesterday of 365 strips on his blog in a year. No mean feat and a massive undertaking for any creator to undertake, it finally came to an end with his 365th strip since the tail end of 2010. Having had his ups and downs with a broken scanner […]

ART: John Cullen Fears Trick or Treating


Via his jBlog, John Cullen shows what every trick or treating child fears the most.

ART: John Cullen Deals With Tech Stress


Via his jblog, John Cullen helps us through tech stress with this handy guide:

ART: Was America Discovered By Columbo?


Via his jblog John Cullen skews history.

ART: Beer & Chamagne Don’t Mix With John Cullen


Via his jBlog, John Cullen shows that mixing Beer and Champagne doesn’t work.

ART: Caution! John Cullen


Via his JBlog, John Cullen lets his mind wander.

ART: John Cullen’s Solution To Bad Weather


Via his jBlog, John Cullen shows us how to dealwith bad weather.  

ART: John Cullen’s One-Upmanship


Via his jBlog, John Cullen shares his take on one-upmanship.

ART: This Week’s Pick Of The Micks


Take a look at the last week of art on The Eclectic Micks blog and note that the first three are themed to fit in with Will Sliney’s new Cú Chulainn project announced last Friday on RTE. Morrigan by Len O’Grady   Cu Chulainn by PJ Holden Cu Chulainn by John Cullen Bulkhead by Nick Roche […]

ART: The Footwear Adventures Of Fluff & Down


Via his jblog, John Cullen presents a great punchline to yesterdays piece. Check out his blog for older entries and John’s unique sense of humour.

ART: The Transformative Adventures Of Fluff & Down


Via his jblog John Cullen gets a bit surreal.

ART: The Unrepetitive Adventures Of Fluff & Down


Via his jBlog John Cullen presents the unrepetitive adventures of Fluff & Down.

ART: John Cullen Conversation With A Crow


Via his jblog Clare artist John Cullen has a short piece up today that detials a conversation he had with a crow. It’s funny al a New Yorker funny.

ART: John Cullen’s Cookie


Via his jBlog, John Cullen had a meta dream.

ART: John Cullen On Cartoon Violence


Via his jBlog John Cullen shares his take on cartoon violence.

ART: Funny John Cullen Piece


Check out the below page that Ennis man John Cullen put up on his jBlog today. It’s called Robert and it’s funny. This is what the silent comedy strip is all about when it’s done well.

ART: John Cullen On Sport And Retail


Over on his jBlog, John Cullen gives us his views on retail and sport. Check out the pages below. Sport: Retail:

ART: John Cullen on Walkwardness


Via his jBlog, John Cullen presents something every person has come across.

ART: John Cullen on Consumerism


Via his jBlog, John Cullen gives us his take on consumerism. Click on the image for a larger view.

ART: John Cullen on the dark


John Cullen has a new art page on his blog. Today he is talking about what your mind might see in the dark. Click on the image for a larger view and visit John’s blog where there are over 200 pieces archived.

ART: John Cullen on ageing


Clare man John Cullen has put up a new page of art commenting on ageing. I like his off centre humor in his pieces. This one in particular rings home as I used to go to school with him :) Click on the image for a larger view.

ART: John Cullen brings the funny


Former Black Star artist John Cullen posted a two panel comment on ability on his blog. Check it out below and click for a larger image.