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Review by David Ferguson Plot: Robert Curley, Darrin O’Toole Script: Darrin O’Toole Art: Luca Pizzari [NOTE: This review will contain SPOILERS for issue one so, if you haven’t read it, you should go buy it (if you haven’t already), read it and then start this review] As with my review of issue one, I will […]


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Review by David Ferguson Plot: Robert Curley, Darrin O’Toole Script: Darrin O’Toole Art: Luca Pizzari I usually start my reviews with a summary of the story so far but, on this occasion, I feel I need to start with the cover. A good cover is meant to grab you and get you to pick up […]



THE LEAGUE OF VOLUNTEERS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (1 OF 3) Review by David Ferguson Written by Neil Sharpson Art by Stephen Byrne Previously, the Druid gathered a team of heroes including the Archer, the Glimmerman, the Blood Rose and Fionn Mac Cumhaill to fight an ancient evil Bocanach He was defeated but with […]

REVIEW: League Of Volunteers #3


League of Volunteers Written by: Rob Curley Art by: Barry Keegan, Victor Moya, Rob Carey Published by: Atomic Diner Reviewed by: David Ferguson This is part three of a three part story. In previous issues, a group of Nazi scientists brought Bocanach from the spirit world to do their bidding. He quickly dispatches them and […]

COVER ART ROUND UP: Roisin Dubh #3, Jennifer Wilde #3 & LOV: Return of the King #1


The next few weeks promises to be a busy time for Atomic Diner with 3 expected new arrivals on shelves. Take a look below for the cover art to Roisin Dubh #3, Jennifer Wilde #3 and the first issue of a three issue mini series League of Volunteers: Return of the King #1 of 3.

COVER ART: Barry Keegan’s League of Volunteers Alternative cover



ART: Luca Cicchitti & Steven Scott’s Celtic Clash Feat. The Wren, Celtic Clan, Celtic Knights & LOV

Celtic Clash

Maryland based artist Steven Scott posted the below mash up piece to facebook featuring Ireland’s indy comic superhero giants including The Wren, Celtic Clan, Celtic Knights & League of Volunteers. The piece is by Italian Luca Cicchitti and colours by Scott. Take a look below:

League Of Volunteers Issue 2 Alternate cover


COMING SOON: League of Volunteers: Return Of The King

Return of the King

Cover art for an upcoming League of Volunteers story titled Return of the King went online last night (Wednesday) from Atomic Diner. Take a look below:

MEDIA: Rob Curley on Bleeding Cool


Rob Curley writes a piece called “Self-Publishing Without a League of Volunteers” today for top comics news site Bleeding Cool, in which he traces how he went from selling his own collection of comics at a flea market, to opening Dublin comic shop Sub City, to founding Atomic Diner and publishing comics like Freakshow, League […]

NEWS: Alan Nolan Talks To ICN About New League of Volunteers 3 Issue Arc


Alan Nolan announced on facebook earlier this week that he would be taking over writing duties for an arc on Atomic Diner’s League of Volunteers. We got a hold of Alan last night to get all the info on the arc and I began by asking him how long the arc is and who will […]

NEW League Of Volunteers out March!


The League Of volunteers new story arch  is due for release March of this year with interior art by Stephen Byrne [ Roisin Dubh ]. Posted above is a rough sketch of Barry Keegan’s variant cover for the first issue.

ART: Interior Stephen Byrne Pages For League of Volunteers #4


Take a look below at some art for the upcoming Atomic Diner book League of Volunteers #4 with art by Stephen Byrne. The pages were first shown on the League of Volunteers facebook fan page.

COVER ART: Stephen Downey League of Volunteers Variant


On the back of one of the best covers seen this year after producing Atomic Diner’s Balck Scorpion, Stephen Downey is at it again with a breathtaking cover to the Diner’s flagship book League of Volunteers #3 featuring the 1795 version of the team. Take a look below at the cover with and without border. […]

ART: League of Volunteers



NEWS: Rob Carey Joins League Of Volunteers With Issue #3


Atomic Diner have announced that Rob Carey will join the League of Volunteers with issue three in a dual artists role with regular artist Barry Keegan. Beginning with issue four Carey will take over the book while Keegan takes time away to write a two parter for the League that will hit in late 2012. […]

NEWS: Irish comics on Cosmic Treadmill

Cosmic Treadmill

Cosmic Treadmill, a new UK-based* comics news, review and interview site, has given Irish comics some good coverage over the past few weeks: reviews of League of Volunteers issue 1 and  issue 2, Jennifer Wilde  #1 and Róisín Dubh #1, and interviews with Will Sliney, Stephen Downey, Maura McHugh and Rob Curley. Check ‘em out. *Chris from Cosmic Treadmill […]

NEWS: Roisin Dubh Second Printing Now Available


Rob Curley has revealed via Twitter that a second printing of hit Irish comic Roisin Dubh is now available in Sub City Dublin for sale. Written by Maura McHugh and art by Stephen Daly, it is the latest comic in the new line of books from Atomic Diner that has gone to multiple printings following on […]

ART: Shalvey’s Coloured League Variant Cover


We showed the pencils to the League of Volunteers #1 3rd printing varaint a few weeks ago. Well, today over on his blog, Declan Shalvey has shown the fully coloured image that will make the final cover. It is colured by Shalvey’s girlfriend Jordie Bellaire and it looks cool.

NEWS: Galway Signing For Curley and Keegan


UPDATE: The date below is wrong as it has been changed to September [date to be confirmed] to allow for the return of the student population. Barry is doing a signing in the Dublin shop on Sat August 20th. Following on from the news that Barry Keegan will be in Sub City Dublin to do […]

Events: Barry Keegan Signing in August


Via the Atomic Diner Facebook page, League of Volunteers artist Barry Keegan will be doing a signing in Sub City Dublin on August 20th from 1pm to 4pm. Pop by and say hello and get a copy of the book signed by one of the most exciting artists in Ireland today. The League of Volunteers […]

ART: Shalvey’s Penciled Cover To League Of Volunteers #1 3rd Printing


Over on his blog Declan Shalvey has posted the pencils to his 3rd printing varaint cover to the League of Volunteers #1 from Atomic Diner. Atomic Diner is no stranger of course to Shalvey following his work on Freakshow several years ago. Take a look at the image below:  

ART: League of Volunteers #2 Variant Cover

variant cover

Via the League of Volunteers Facebook page the cover the second issue limited edition variant cover to the much anticipated continuation of Rob Curley’s grand vision for a shared Irish superhero universe featuring Blood Rose.

NEWS: Shalvey To Do League Of Volunteers #1 3rd Printing Variant


In the week that Atomic Diner releases the second issue  of League of Volunteers, company chief Rob Curley has revealed via Facebook that the first issue of League of Volunteers will go back for a third printing. The issue will boast a cover by Marvel Comics artist Declan Shalvey. In the same post was a sketch […]

REVIEW: League of Volunteers #1


With the release of the second issue of League of Volunteers due soon, I present a review of the first issue I wrote this Spring for ComicRelated. THE LEAGUE OF VOLUNTEERS #1 Cover Date: February 2011 Story by: Robert Curley Art by: Barry Keegan Letters by: Comicraft Cover by: Barry Keegan Publisher: Atomic Diner Cover Price: […]