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Next Saturday sees a one day course in storytelling featuring tutors Stephen Mooney (Half Past Danger, Angel) and Nick Roche (Death’s Head, Transformers). Here are the details: This Course Will Cover: The process of drawing a comic strip from a script; how best to convey the visual narrative on the page; pacing, framing, shot-choices and […]

ON SALE THIS WEEK: Revolutionary War: Death’s Head II #1


Nick Roche’s first work at Marvel Comics in the form of Revolutionary War: Death’s Head II #1, reviving the legendary Marvel UK character, goes on sale tomorrow. Along with a signing at The Big Bang in Dundrum tomorrow evening, why not take a look inside the book and head along to the event and get hold […]

EVENT REMINDER: Nick Roche Signing Tomorrow (Wed) At The Big Bang


Tomorrow is the big day for Nick Roche and the release of REVOLUTIONARY WAR: DEATH’S HEAD II #1 . He will be signing at The Big Bang in the Dundrum Shopping Centre from 6pm to 8pm and as usual there will be a print for those who buy the comic as long as stocks last. Take […]



With his first Marvel work due to hit stands next week, I chatted with Nick Roche about landing his dream gig and what we should expect from the book. Nick happily supplied some art including a fan comic he did (I am not allowed say when). From the panel at DICE, where it was it […]



Nick Roche’s Death’s Head II issue has been solicited for February. It is part of the Revolutionary War event that is reviving some of the old Marvel UK characters (although the issue stands as a story by itself). It is being written by Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill. Check out the solicit here: Let […]

NEWS: Ireland’s Top Creators Through Diamond September 2013


Diamond have released the top 300 selling comics of September and several Irish creators have made the cut. Declan Shalvey makes several appearances with Deadpool #16 and #17 and Robocop: Last Stand #2 making the cut. Will Sliney‘s Fearless Defenders #9 comes in at #194 on the list. Nick Roche on cover duty for Transformers: […]



For those  with an interest in creating a graphic novel from the ground up, this talk with Stephen Mooney, Nick Roche and Leeann Hamilton on Friday the 18th of Oct should be well worth your time.

ICN@DICE: Nick Roche To Be Artist On Death’s Head At Marvel


It was announced at Saturday’s Marvel Comics panel that Nick Roche will be the new artist on the new Death’s Head one shot comic launching in early 2014. Roche will be joined on the book by writer Andy Lanning and will be released as a one shot in early 2014, possibly as early as February […]

NEWS: Trio Of Irish Creators To Take Part In Red Line Book Festival Panel On The Graphic Novel


The Red Line Book Festival which will take place in Tallaght and other venues from 15th to 20th October will be hosting a special talk featuring Stephen Mooney, Leeann Hamilton and Nick Roche who will talk about creating a successful Graphic Novel bringing along original artwork to show everyone. The talk takes place on Friday […]

2Dcast Episode 26: Dare to be stupid with Nick Roche!!!!!

Nick pic

  In a break from the norm we devote the entire episode to a candid chat with long-time friend of the 2dCast and Transformers main man Nick Roche. This episode is mostly Bobby, Nick, and myself fawning over comics about a range of Japanese toys, so if you’re not into that possibly give this a […]

NEWS: Nick Roche’s Megatron Spotlight Comic To Be Repackaged With New Toy Line


Dublin City Comics and Collectibles are reporting this evening that Nick Roche’s new Transformers: Megatron Spotlight comic will be reprinted and repackaged along with the new Transformers: Generations Deluxe Megatron toy line which will be launched later this year. The Spotlight issue which is written and drawn by the popular genre artist went on sale […]

EVENT: Two Nick Roche Signings In One Day For Transformers Spotlight: Megatron

Nick poster

As the date nears so that we get to see a full issue written and drawn by Transformers fan favourite Nick Roche, we get news that Nick will be doing a dual signing on the 6th of February to highlight the release of the newest Transformers book Transformers Spotlight: Megatron. At 1pm to 3pm Nick […]

NEWS: Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond December 2012

Mars Attacks #6

Diamond have released their top selling comics for December 2012 and as usual we have taken a look at it to see where the Irish contingent come on the list. Declan Shalvey led the way in December at #85 with Venom #28 followed by Garth Ennis a fair bit back at #145. Brendan McCarthy was just […]

NEWS: Top Irish Creators Through Diamond For November – O’Grady, Carroll, Sliney & More

First Blood #2 Cover

Diamond have released their top 300 selling comics for November in a month where there were a number of new Marvel NOW! books leading the way. But there was still room in the list for Irish creators and a welcome appearance for some new faces to this report. Leading the way is Len O’Grady who […]

NEWS: Nick Roche Returns To Writing In February With All New Spotlight: Megatron Issue From IDW


IDW is bringing back its Spotlight issues  once more this February with an all new Transformers Spotlight featuring Transformers icon Megatron. The issue will be written and drawn by Nick Roche and we will see Megatron in an all new body after he is rebuilt by Soundwave and Shockwave after All Hail Megatron. The book […]

NEWS: October’s Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond


Diamond Distribution released their top selling comics for October recently and as always there are a few entries of an Irish nature on the list. In a month where Uncanny Avengers #1 sold over 300,000 copies and only 5 books sold over 100,000 books, Declan Shalvey leads the way for Irish creators coming in at […]

EVENT: Transformers Legendary Writer Simon Furman and Nick Roche Signing Later This Month


Simon Furman has confirmed on his blog that he will be attending a signing in Dublin City Comics on October 27th. He will be joined by popular artist Nick Roche on the day. As Furman said about the event, “In a few weeks’ time I’ll be heading to Dublin, signing in that city’s wonderful Dublin […]

NEWS: Top Selling Comics Through Diamond For July


Diamond Distribution have released their top 300 selling comics for July. On the back of The Walking Dead #100 selling roughly 400,000 copies across all variants there was still room for several Irish professionals to appear o the list. Leading the bunch with the top two spots is Declan Shalvey in #72 and #73 with […]

UPDATED WITH SATURDAY’S GUESTS: The Big Bang Announce More Guests For D.I.C.E.


The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum announced some of the remaining guest list for the upcoming D.I.C.E convention in September tonight. Following a teaser announcement last weekend where Shadowland, Batman & Hellblazer writer Andy Diggle was the first of the remaining names announced it was followed up tonight (Friday) by Marvels Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development C.B. […]

NEWS: Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond For June


Diamond Distribution have released the top 300 selling comics and graphic novels for June. Take a look below for the graphic novel list and below that for the monthy issue breakdown. A good month if you are Garth Ennis on this one as he is the sole Irish represetative on the list with SEVEN graphic novels […]

REVIEW: Last Stand of the Wreckers


Last Stand of the Wreckers. ( Hardback) James Roberts and Nick Roche IDW Publishing REVIEW BY CIARAN FLANAGAN   Don’t Make any plans rookies. So it turns out that thanks to the wonders of the digital age, nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be. In the before-time (Pre internet )it was quite possible to […]

COVER ART: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #8 By Nick Roche

MTMTE _8 Lines

Nick Roche has posted the cover lines to the upcoming Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #8 due in August. Take a look below for all the info and the art. BOOK INFO: James Roberts (w) • Alex Milne (a) • Milne, Nick Roche (c) DINOBOT MONTH! Three years ago, Grimlock disappeared from his […]

NEWS: Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond For May


Below is the list of comics released in May featuring Irish talent through Diamond Distribution in a month where the distributor said that it marked the highest month on record for them for comic sales since they started recording data in February 2003. Market research sugest that May was the top selling month for comics […]


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ICAW: Our Top 50 Posts From Our First Year


Have a look at the most clicked on posts from our first year where we published, with this one, 1349 posts to date, had almost 160,000 visits and almost 900 comments. Everyone at ICN would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to visit our site this past year and we hope […]