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Phil Barrett’s Visual Storytelling night classes

Phil Barrett's Visual Storytelling night class

Phil Barrett, creator of Matter, Blackshapes and O’Brien Press’ Where’s Larry?, and one of Ireland finest practitioners of the cartoonist’s art, is teaching an eight-week night class in Visual Storytelling at Marino College in Fairview, Dublin, on Monday nights from 7 til 9, starting on 27 January. Students will learn the basics of comic storytelling […]

FEATURE: 2013 The Year That Was Part 2


Yesterday we reported on the releases for the first three months of the year. Today we will cover April, May and June. Just as yesterday, whilst every effort was made to include what we knew was released, there may be someone who may have been excluded. If you know of anyone who should be in […]

ICN TV: A Look At Pre ICN Irish Comics Part 1 – Gazebo By Liam Geraghty and Phil Barrett


ICN launched in June 2011 and in that time there have been scores of Irish comics released. But pre ICN the scene was still quite active. So in a short series of vignettes and posts, we will be delving into the past to highlight some of these books. The first book is from Liam Geraghty […]

NEWS: TEDx Dublin Talks through Comics

TEDx_Easkey Britton

TEDx DUBLIN SEPTEMBER 2013 Last weekend saw the TEDx Dublin Talks, and as the talks were conducted Deirdre de Barra and Phil Barrett had the daunting task of keeping pace through comic style interpretations. Although an ambitious project, they both survived and via Deirdres blog they managed to secure some pictures too, a few of […]

EVENTS: Independents Day 23rd June 2013


INDEPENDENTS DAY DUBLIN Not long to go before a flurry of activity for more comic cons come up.  This one is happening in June for a change, and that is welcome news…not only because it means Independents Day is ON, but because hopefully it’ll be warm breezes coming through the Co-op instead of a chill. […]

NEWS: RTE Lyric FM Broadcast Ties In With Phil Barrett Art Competition


The Comic Cast’s Liam Geraghty has made a report for Culture File (broadcasts weekdays on RTÉ Lyric fm 6.40pm in Ireland) about the rarely told story of when famed film director Alfred Hitchcock came to the playwright Sean O’Casey’s place for dinner. The podcast can be heard here: Comic artist Philip Barrett ( has also made […]

REPORT: 2012 – The Year Of The Irish Comic Part 2 of 3


In part two of our report into the comic scene in Ireland in 2012 we start off with May. This month was a busy month for comics with 6 different releases that we’ll highlight below through to August’s books. May A Day In The Life: The Book is a manic, most definitely adult intended book that […]

EVENTS: All Ages Comic Jam at Kildare Readers Festival this Saturday


Dublin Comic Jam has posted up all the lovely doodles from the birthday bash event back in August.  Running 4 years now, the birthday jam has turned out some great pages of nuttiness, as can only be expected from any of the comic jams. Octobers Comic Jam will be taking place on the 25th October […]

FUNDIT: Gods and Monsters of the Future

gronio cropped levelled

Emma Rowe and Elida Maiques of the Tinderbox Network are looking for funding via Fund:It for a new book called Gods and Monsters of the Future. It’s inspired by the documentary Into Eternity, about a nuclear storage facility in Finland that has been sealed for 100,000 years, and it’ll include poetry, short stories, comics and […]

LINK: The Dublin Comic Jam On The Radio


The Comic Cast’s Liam Geraghty pointed us towards a recording for Culture File on RTÉ Lyric FM featuring Liam where he is joined by Paddy Lynch, Phil Barrett and more. “The Dublin Comic Jam takes place once a month in the Lord Edward pub in Dublin. Reporting for Culture File on RTÉ Lyric fmLiam Geraghty joined Paddy […]

NEWS: More on Stray Lines

Stray Lines cover by Paddy Lynch

A little more information on the forthcoming anthology Stray Lines is sneaking out via Cardboard Press. Each artist has 12 pages to do their thang. Phil Barrett‘s contribution is called “Endless Lap” and is described as “a cryptic blind alley”; Barry Hughes, who you may remember from Malsaine back in 2005, contributes something concerning a “hallucinogenic dream-world […]

ICAW: Stray Lines: teaser from Paddy Lynch

Stray Lines cover by Paddy Lynch

Paddy Lynch teases us with this rather lovely cover for Stray Lines, a forthcoming anthology he’s working on with fellow Irish comics luminaries Phil Barrett, Barry Hughes, Gus Hughes, and Andrew and Chris Judge. No information on the contents yet, but, well, I’m teased.

ICAW: Some Suggestions of Irish Comic you should buy PART 1

Gary Reynolds

So you want to support Irish Comics during this intense period of Irish Comic Appreciation Week but not sure what to get? Try some of these fine places online: Online Store for Phil Barret and John Robbins Comics Bookstore for Patrick Brown’s Epic Ulster Cycle. Shop for all Uproar Comics titles. […]

COMIC: Phil Barrett’s Where’s Larry? From O’Brien Press Now On Sale


The latest book from O’Brien Press to delve into the Irish comic talent pool has gone on sale. Phil Barrett’s Where’s Larry has landed on shelves and coming in at 32 pages of an Irish ‘Where’s Wally’ themed fun, this is sure to be one book to keep kids of all ages entertained. Book Description: […]

COMICS: Jammin’ with Phil Barrett


On Phils blog he has openly asked for some doodles in a bid to comic jam and see what happens.  His latest jam with Laura Lmnopxx has resulted in the cool little piece below: Feel like taking on the challenge?  Then check out

EVENT: Dublin Comic Jam Thurs 22nd March


MARCH DUBLIN COMIC JAM – Februarys comic jam details are now up on the site.  The next jam is due this week on Thursday 22nd March from 8pm onwards in the Lord Edward Pub beside Christchurch. For a full scope on last months pages just click the link above – and a taster of […]

NEWS: O’Brien Press Solicit Phil Barrett’s Where’s Larry For June


Leading Irish publisher O’Brien Press have solicited Phil Barrett’s new book Where’s Larry for a June release. A kind of Irish themed Where’s Wally style book, readers are encouraged to follow Larry the Leprechaun around Ireland, and see if you can find him in various locations around the country. As the books description says; “it won’t be […]

Happy St.Patricks Day! – pic by Phil Barrett

Upcoming preview from Phil Barretts 'Where's Larry?' by O'Brien Press

ART: Phil Barretts ‘Wine Buzz’


A few new postings on Phils blog and this one in particular caught my attention.  Beautifully clean in B&W with crisp clean lines and a great little story behind it.  Classic Phil.  Go check out his blog

ART: Dublin Comic Jam offerings


We’re a fair distance from Christmas at this stage, mince pies and tinsel should be long gone unless you got a 5 for 6 deal in some of the shops.  Either way the sell by date is probably well gone and eating them would induce hallucinogenic effects from the chemicals.  Either that or they’re built […]

REVIEW: Phil Barrett’s MATTER

Phil Barrett's Matter

BY PAUL HICKEY I was eating M&M’s on the sofa today when one fell out of my hand and down the gap between the cushions. I delved quickly after it but my probing fingers merely pushed it deeper. In my concerted effort to retrieve it, too late I noticed that I too had become enveloped, […]