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COVER ART: Glimmer Man #3


Luca Pizarri has shown us the first glimpse of the upcoming Glimmer Man #3 cover from Atomic Diner on his Tumblr account. Glimmer Man comes from a plot from Rob Curley and Darrin O’Toole and a script from O’Toole with art by Pizzari. This issue marks the end of the first Glimmer Man arc. Take […]

INTERIOR ART: Crimson Blade #2 Pencils By Dave O’Sullivan

Crimson Blade #2 Page 12

Some preview penciled pages from artist Dave O’ Sullivan for the upcoming issue #2 of Rob Curley’s 1790′s adventure series Crimson Blade appeared on the Atomic Diner facebook page yesterday. Take a look below.

FEATURE: 2013 The Year That Was Part 2


Yesterday we reported on the releases for the first three months of the year. Today we will cover April, May and June. Just as yesterday, whilst every effort was made to include what we knew was released, there may be someone who may have been excluded. If you know of anyone who should be in […]

STAILC Documentary TG4 TONIGHT AT 9.30


Rob Curley and Stephen Downey have worked on a 1913 documentary for TG4 doing comic pages for the programme instead of live action reenactments and it is TG4 on tonight at 9:30. Here’s one of the pages which shows Countess Markievicz working in the soups kitchens and a shot of the SS Hare which brought […]


image (2)

At Octocon today, the creative team and fans of Jennifer Wilde were delighted at the appearance of the first ever Cosplay of Jennifer Chevalier. Hopefully we’ll see more of the same at future events.



Atomic Diner’s latest title, Jennifer Wilde ‘ The Wilde Hunt ‘ one shot, is due for release next week. The script is by urban fantasy novelist Karen Mahoney with art by Stephen Downey. Here’s the cover and some interiors:

Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… Rob Curley


We’re starting a new feature on ICN where we ask a creator seven questions so people can get to know them a bit better and to highlight their work. First up is writer, editor, publisher and comic shop owner, Rob Curley. 1) What was the first comic work you did that was published? My first […]

REVIEW: League Of Volunteers #3


League of Volunteers Written by: Rob Curley Art by: Barry Keegan, Victor Moya, Rob Carey Published by: Atomic Diner Reviewed by: David Ferguson This is part three of a three part story. In previous issues, a group of Nazi scientists brought Bocanach from the spirit world to do their bidding. He quickly dispatches them and […]

COVER ART ROUND UP: Roisin Dubh #3, Jennifer Wilde #3 & LOV: Return of the King #1


The next few weeks promises to be a busy time for Atomic Diner with 3 expected new arrivals on shelves. Take a look below for the cover art to Roisin Dubh #3, Jennifer Wilde #3 and the first issue of a three issue mini series League of Volunteers: Return of the King #1 of 3.

COVER: Stephen Mooney’s Night Ghost


This is Stephen Mooney’s variant cover for the upcoming one shot Night Ghost which connects the U.S based characters like Atomic Rocket Group 66 and the Irish characters like the League Of Volunteers and Roisin Dubh etc, script is by Rob Curley with interior artist tba, due out late 2013

Dundalk Book Festival, April 26th and 27th FEATURING IRISH COMIC CREATORS!


Tommie Kelly (yup that’s me!), Rob Curley, Paddy Brown, Alan Nolan and Hilary Lawler have been asked to do a panel on Irish comics and graphic Novels as part of the Dundalk Book Festival. The comic panel is on Saturday afternoon (the 27th) and we have room for about 70 people or so. If you […]

50 Reasons to love Ireland – No.5 IRISH SUPERHEROES!!

5 reasons

Well begorrah! Would you look at the top 5 in the ’50 reasons to love Ireland’ section of The Irish Times.  It seems that despite the gloom, miserably relentless rain and endless IMF conversations there is a silver lining of hope in the form of the great comics we produce. Phil Barrett, Paddy Lynch, Rob […]

REVIEW: Noe: The Savage Boy


    Noe: The Savage Boy Plot: Robert Curley Script: Malachy Coney Art: Stephen Downey Publisher: Atomic Diner Noe: The Savage Boy #1 continues Atomic Diner’s mining of Irish history and legend for tales of adventure of all stripes, from swashbuckling to superheroes.

MEDIA: Rob Curley on Bleeding Cool


Rob Curley writes a piece called “Self-Publishing Without a League of Volunteers” today for top comics news site Bleeding Cool, in which he traces how he went from selling his own collection of comics at a flea market, to opening Dublin comic shop Sub City, to founding Atomic Diner and publishing comics like Freakshow, League […]

NEWS: Alan Nolan Talks To ICN About New League of Volunteers 3 Issue Arc


Alan Nolan announced on facebook earlier this week that he would be taking over writing duties for an arc on Atomic Diner’s League of Volunteers. We got a hold of Alan last night to get all the info on the arc and I began by asking him how long the arc is and who will […]

EVENT: Noe The Savage Boy Launch In Forbidden Planet Belfast

Noe Poster

Atomic Diner will be hosting a launch of their new book Noe The Savage Boy #1 in Forbidden Planet Belfast on Saturday February 9th from 1pm to 3pm. As an incentive o the event it has been noted that there will be a Forbidden Planet Belfast Exclusive Cover to the book made available on the […]

NEW League Of Volunteers out March!


The League Of volunteers new story arch  is due for release March of this year with interior art by Stephen Byrne [ Roisin Dubh ]. Posted above is a rough sketch of Barry Keegan’s variant cover for the first issue.

Roisin Dubh # 1 3rd Printing Manga Variant Cover

Roisin Dubh # 1 manga variant

ON SALE NOW: Atomic Diner’s Noe The Savage Boy #1

Noe #1 Cover

Atomic Diner’s latest projexct has gone on sale this week. Now The Savage Boy #1 plotted by Rob Curley and written by former Top Cow’s The Darkness scribe Mal Coney with art by Stephen Downey. Take a look at the cover art below and the book is currently on sale in Sub City Dublin. BOOK […]

REVIEW: Crimson Blade #1

Crimson Blade #1 Cover

Crimson Blade #1 Writer: Robert Curley Art & Cover: David O’ Sullivan Publisher: Atomic Diner Reviewed by: Colin O’Mahoney You don’t run a comic store for 18 years without picking up a thing or two about the business of selling comics. Robert Curley’s Atomic Diner publishing house has certainly benefited from his time behind the […]

COVER ART: Noe The Savage Boy #1 From Atomic Diner


Noe The Savage Boy is the newest title to come from Atomic Diner and is due for release later this month. It is created and plotted by Rob Curley with the script by Mal Coney and art by Stephen Downey. As described on Atomic Diners facebook fan page; “Noe’s story begins in the village of Baltimore, […]

ART: Stephen Byrne’s League of Volunteers World War 2 Team


Ahead of this months release of issue #3 of The League of Volunteers from Atomic Diner, a Stephen Byrne (Roisin Dubh) piece featuring the team circa World War 2 has appeared on the publishers facebook fan page. Take a look below.

COVER ART: Atomic Diner’s Crimson Blade #1 Multiple Covers


Two covers of the late summer relase of Crimson Blade #1 from Atomic Diner has been posted online. With art by David O’Sullivan and a script by Rob Curley set in 1791 where John Walsh becomes the Crimson Blade bringing justice to the streets of Dublin keeping its people safe from criminals and corrupt British soldiers. […]

REVIEW: Atomic Diner’s Black Scorpion One Shot


  Written by: Rob Curley Art by: Stephen Downey Cover by: Stephen Downey Published by: Atomic Diner REVIEW: Anticipation was high coming into this book. From the announcement of a war story of which I am a huge fan of to the amazing cover that was released several months ago coupled with how strong the […]

COMIC: Atomic Diner’s Black Scorpion One Shot Now On Sale


The latest book in the shared universe of comics from Atomic Diner has now gone on sale. The Black Scorpion One Shot is written by Rob Curley and has art by Stephen Downey. It boasts one of the standout covers of the year so far from any comic. For the moment it is available at […]