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ART: Kev Weldon’s Michael Clarke Duncan Tribute


Via the Sketch Paddys site comes a thoughtful piece from Kev Weldon. He explains, “When Michael Clarke Duncan passed away last week I was struck with the realisation that I always relied on someday getting a big hug from him.” Take a look below.

ART: New Ger Hankey Character Designs


Via the Sketch Paddys blog comes some character designs from Ger Hankey. As usual they have piqued the interest so when we have info on the project we’ll let you know. Captain Skronk General Taiger  

ART: Ger Hankey’s Michelangelo


Over on the sketch Paddys blog comes Ger Hankey’s 2D inspired Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle Michelangelo. Take a look below, it’s great.

ART: Ger Hankey’s Mr. Incredible


Via the Sketch Paddys blog, Ger Hankey has posted a great pin up of Mr. Incredible. As Ger explained in his comment with the piece, “I always thought his old suit was much better than his boring red one.” Take a look below.

ART: Cormac Hughes’ Zatanna & Grifter

Zantanna and Grifter

Via the Sketch Paddys blog, Cormac Hughes has posted a nice piece featuring DC’s Zatanna and Grifter described as “A DC team up I would love to see.” I second that! Take a look below.

ART: Kevin Weldon’s Moon Knight

Moon Knight 2

Sketch Paddys contributer Kevin Weldon has posted his version of Marvel character Moon Knight and heaped praise on Brian Bendis and AlexMaleev’s work on the title stateside. Take a look at it below.    

ART: Rob Carey’s Pencils For ‘Reality Watch’

rw p1a

Over on the Sketch Paddys blog Rob Carey has posted the first page of pencils for an upcoming work that will see print in the Lightening Strikes anthology next year. Lightening Strikes Comics are a fledgling company but have some great talent on board for the book. Take a look below at the uninked pencil […]

ART: Cormac Hughes Deadpool


Over on the Sketch Paddys art blog Cormac Hughes has posted a coloured Deadpool poster he has done which you can check out below:  

ART: Sketch Paddys Updates

Sketch Paddys

Rob Carey and Ger Hankey have postedupdates on the Sketch Paddys Blog. Rob gives us a further Band of Butchers preview CLICK HERE And Ger gives us Jayne from Firefly  CLICK HERE

ART:Robert Carey Colossus [Sketch Paddys]




Carey posted this great as yet unfinished Colossus sketch over on the Sketch Paddys Blog.

ART: Sketch Paddys UPDATES

Sketch Paddys

Both Robert Carey and Ger Hankey has posted artwork on the Sketch Paddy Blog.

ART: Carey’s Tigra [Sketch Paddys]

Carey's Tigra

  CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Robert Carey posted this Tigra over on the SKETCH PADDY’S Blog

ART: Cormac Hughes Atom Eve [Skecth Paddy]

Atom Eve

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL POST Cormac Hughes has posted an excellent Atom Eve over on the Sketch Paddy’s Blog

NEWS: Sketch Paddy Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Mass Effect CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO FULL POST Cormac Hughes posted this amazing Mass Effect image over on the Sketch Paddys Blog. Go see


Robert Carey

WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION TO COMICS? My name is Robert Carey, and I draw comics. I am also a Sketch Paddy. WHAT COMIC ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? Working on Red Ghost, a story about a Ninja hunting down mafia dudes in New York. And I am also working on […]

NEWS: Tommie Kelly Posts INVINCIBLE to the Sketch Paddys Blog



NEWS: Tommie Kelly Joins the Sketch Paddy’s Blog


WHO ARE THE SKETCH PADDYS? SketchPaddys is the weekly sketch blog of aspiring, soon-to-be battle-hardened, comics artists Cormac Hughes, Robert Careyand Ger Hankey. Every post is a challenge. Just like getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge. But we do it. Everyday. … well, except we only post every 3rd day, and […]

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