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PODCAST: SUNNYSIDE COMICS s04e05 Dec & Jordie in the HOUSE!


FROM: (Ron’s house, specifically) This week’s show we’ve been joined by the lovely Declan Shalvey and the equally lovely Jordie Bellaire. We talk comics, a little bit of craft, breaking in and Dec manfully keeps the show on an even keel by insisting on finishing questions even though PJ as ever, has a child like […]

PODCAST: Sunnyside Comic Podcast: s04e3 Half Past Danger; Full on Mooney


FROM: Series 4 – Episode 3. Hey! Big props to The Ronster who had a dickens of a job to edit this weeks show altogether. Was it worth it? I suggest you listen up and see. This week, we have a special guest: Stephen Mooney, who joined us via the high tech, futuristic technology […]

PODCAST: Sunnyside Comic Podcast: Hot Or Not!

cropped-header-sunnysidecomics-series3 Cor, look, it’s the first Sunnyside Comics of 2013. In this episode of the Sunnyside Comics Podcast we talk the end of Locke and Key (surprisingly light in spoilers too) and why Lost was rubbish (And I get a non-too-subtle plug for Numbercruncher in there). We also talk some other comic related stuff, but […]



Full of no new intentions the Sunnyside Podcast is back: “Hey, look we’re back. I can’t promise we’ll be more regular or anything (because, well, aside from a server relocation, there’s nothing that different around here). And because we’ve broken old links, it’s difficult to know what / when and how this will update in […]


Sunnyside-Comics-blog-podcast “We’re just back from this year’s 2D Comics Festival in Derry, and what a weekend it was. We had our own panel, which hopefully we’ll be able to bring you as an episode in the not too distant future, and on Saturday night we had a chat with Chris Ryall of IDW Publishing, Declan Shalvey of Thunderbolts & Dark […]

PODCAST: Sunnyside Comics Podcast Season 3

Sunnyside-Comics-blog-podcast Direct Download Here. ITUNES LINK New Year, new promises to break. We’re at a new location! Again! Ron delivers a bombshell, Scott reviews Batman: Noel and PJ tells us about his Christmas. And we allude to a super secret project… Remember to subscribe and review us on iTunes!

PODCAST: New Sunnyside Comics Episode

Sunnyside Comics

  Season 2 Episode 6 – FX2, the Revenge   Just kidding – the effects are kept to a bare minimum this week. We do a run-down of developments on the various iPad comic stores, chat about Locke & Key and some other things.  Direct download of the episode here. Don’t forget to tell […]