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FEATURE: 2013 The Year That Was Part 1


As the year draws to a close it is once again time to cast a light back across those books which were released this year. In a series of posts over the next couple of weeks we will be showing you the books from the independent scene, an integral part of the engine that drives […]

VIDEO: The Earthbound God Cover Walkthrough


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The Earthbound God FREE for Irish Comic Month!

Inner Pages

Anthea West tells ICN For Irish comic month I’m releashing The Earthbound God as a webcomic series! Read the first 8 pages now, I’ll be updating it every Tuesday and Thursday. Hope you’ll enjoy. Check it out here: There are Gods all around us. Many are bodiless, too uncreative to make their own forms […]

COMIC: The Earthbound God Preview

Gary Reynolds

FROM: antheawest: Second and final part of this preview. Part one can be read here: This is part one of the preview part two can be seen here: Here you go guys, a 13-page preview of my upcoming comicbook: The Earthbound God If you enjoyed what you read and want to see more please consider […]

CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Anthea West Lets ICN Behind The Curtain Of The Earthbound God And More


ICN presents the first in what we hope will a series of interviews, where we aim to bring to the forefront those comic creators plying their trade in Ireland who may not yet be household names but have the drive and talent to produce comics not because they have to but because they have the […]