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REVIEW: Lone Star Soul


LONE STAR SOUL – BOOK ONE: SOLE INVITATION, created by Peter Campbell is the set up for a Multi-Platform Graphic for the epic story that has yet to follow.  It focuses on ‘LEROY SOULO – as he searches for his lost self … and his Lost Soul’. The description for it is outlined as: ‘LEROY […]

INTERVIEW: Peter Campbell of ‘Lone Star Soul’


 LONE STAR SOUL by Peter Campbell Lone Star Soul is Peter Campbells first graphic novel and features a heady mix of Sci-Fi and Western styles.  It launched through Lone Star State Ltd  earlier this year and made its debut feature at a comic convention back in June at the 2D Festival.  We catch up with […]

COMICS:Survey request from Caligo (an interactive graphic novel)

Character Design image from survey

A survey request is being sent out by Caligo on twitter, and they’re asking the comic community to help them out.  A fourth year group in DKIT are putting forward an online graphic novel for their multimedia project.  The interactive comic online will be taking inspiration and styles from Manga and Western genres, so the survey […]